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Utrogestan. Can I stop taking it early?

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isthismummy Sun 27-Nov-16 09:31:01

Consultant prescribed me Utrogestan pessaries to lengthen my short (19/20 day) cycles. I was told to take them on days 15 to 25, and that I should bleed 3 days after stopping them.

They are making me so ill though that I'm not sure I can see it through. Terrible headaches, tiredness and I feel cold and shivery all the time. Plus I worked out that if I take them as directed I'm going to get period during my holiday away with DP next month! I also ovulated on day 11 (I temp) and if I take as directed it will give me a 31 day cycle.

Will it harm me to stop them early? I don't want to mess up my body anymore than it already is.

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