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Can someone talk to me about my AMH levels?

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closephine85 Fri 25-Nov-16 15:26:51

We have male factor infertility (been trying 3 years for number 2). My AMH measured a year ago was 16.6. I had a blood test on day 1 of my cycle to measure them again in advance of IVF in January. I've just had the result and it's now 32. Does anyone know if this is TOO high/why it would have almost doubled since the last reading?! Help!

isthismummy Mon 28-Nov-16 11:13:52

I'm no amh expert, but I've always been told it can't increase! Have you spoken to your consultant? My ahm is a horrifying 1.7 and I've pretty much been told there's nothing I can do about it

I think pcos can give you high amh levels. Do you have that by any chance?

Chattycat78 Mon 28-Nov-16 12:55:37

Allegedly it can't increase but one if my good friends had her levels rechecked recently after 3 years and they had doubled. I would say that suggests the amh test isn't totally trustworthy as levels allegedly can't increase...hmm

Chattycat78 Mon 28-Nov-16 12:56:06

Sorry slightly repetitive post, in a rush!

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