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Day 21 results!

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ttckelly Thu 24-Nov-16 20:37:48

Hi there, im on Clomid 100mg and Metformin 1500mg. I have pcos. This is my third round of Clomid, these are my day 21 progestrone levels...
First month- 50mg Level 1(no ovulation)
Second month- 100mg Level 35(ovulation)
Third month- 100mg Level 23 ?
I am unsure if i have ovulated this month or not, i have read online that over 15 means you have. Can someone please give me some info on this, what you think??
Many Thanks x

Colby43443 Sun 27-Nov-16 00:03:51

My level to qualify for clomid was 30. My gaenocologist said that's just the bare minimum and to confirm ovulation she'd be looking at 40-60 plus. Depends on what exactly is being measured though and where you are - for example UK/US measurements arent the same.

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