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Very light period

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kimnews Wed 23-Nov-16 14:24:01

I'm 28 and DH and I have been TTC our 2nd for 19 months. All NHS tests have been done and have come back fine - unexplained infertility. My progesterone test was 30 a week after ovulation, they said that was very indicative of ovulation.
I always have very regular cycles and always have a 15 day luteal phase, except for just this month when my period came 4 days early. The period has been really light, it's normally very heavy especially on day 2 and lasts 6 days, but I've only bled for 2.5 days and not much blood at all.
Do you think I didn't ovulate this month? All my usual ovulation symptoms were there (static smiley in a CB, ewcm etc). The only thing I did different was take 1000mg of vitamin c daily (I read that can increase your progesterone in the luteal phase).

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 24-Nov-16 14:09:49

"Unexplained" is infact no diagnosis at all; they have simply failed to find out what is wrong.

I would again look at all the tests that both of you have had done to date; its probably not been through enough (for instance one semen analysis is not sufficient to declare there are no male factor issues). Also any test result done over 6 months ago should be discounted; you and he in particular need up to date results. Do recheck test results again and push for more male factor tests to be done.

If you are having regular cycles then generally speaking you are more likely to be ovulating regularly than not. However, even normally fertile women can have the occasional non ovulation cycle (blood tests are more reliable an indicator). I would not worry about one cycle change like this but do mention it if it keeps happening.

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