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Polyp - please help!

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user1471874092 Wed 23-Nov-16 12:24:00

TTC for 1 year

I had a scan and doctor said I had 8.5mm x 5.1mm polyp in uterus/womb

He said because its under 1cm its OK

But reading online about people who had them removed at 5mm etc

Any advice?

Colby43443 Mon 28-Nov-16 00:21:39

I have a under 1cm polyp too & was told by gaene that it will be removed if I'm not pregnant within 6 months (am on clomid and metformin), as it's likely then to he interfering with implantation. Size unfortunately has nothing to do with severity when it comes to fibroids.

Meredith501 Tue 29-Nov-16 07:39:16

I've had two polyps removed. I don't know what size they were. They found the first one during an investigative lap and dye. Then when I started ivf, they found a polyp during my SIS so I had a hysteroscopy to remove it. Polyps can prevent implantation and can grow back after a being removed. I don't know if size makes a difference but I always asked the clinic to check my womb before any treatment. No point in going through all the stimming if my womb wasn't going to play ball! I had egg issues which was the reason I wasn't getting pregnant but still wanted all aspects of the cycle to have the best chance.

The lap and dye is surgical and took me a couple of weeks to recover because my stitches burst but the hysteroscopy was easy. I did get general anaesthetic but no stitches so felt fine the next day once the anaesthetic wore off.

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