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Should I do IVF?

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user1471874092 Wed 23-Nov-16 10:33:46

38 yrs old

TTC for over a year

2 chemical pregnancies (miscarry at 5 weeks)

Diagnosed with clotting disorder so need to take aspirin/heparin when pregnant again

Ovulate every month, 33 day cycle
Thyroid = 1.93
Progesterone day 21 = 36
LH = 7.6
FSH = 5.1
14 astral follicle count
Lupus and ANA antinuclear antibodies = negative
Normal sperm sample

I think according to NHS I have about 10-15% chance of getting pregnant naturally every month.

I went to CreateFertility in London and they said mild stimulation IVF with FSH stimulation would be £6K for 1 attempt. And the success rate is ‘up to 30%’

I thought the success rate would be higher.

Should I do IVF?

broodypsycho Thu 24-Nov-16 11:55:36

There's just no saying I'm afraid OP. whatever your gut tells you to. You have very good levels for your age and should have every chance in getting pregnant. If that's not happening, then I would consider ivf. As you get older your levels will change especially your egg quality. It just depends on how long your willing to wait.
You not entitled to anything on NHS?

Good luck

mouldycheesefan Thu 24-Nov-16 11:58:25

What is that success rate? Is it the live birth rate? And is that the success rate for one cycle of ivf? As to me it looks like a very high success rate. I know you think it's low but it isn't. Check whether that is for pregnancies or actual births of live babies and whether that is for one cycle or more. I.e do 30% of women have a live baby after one cycle? I would guess no.

scaredofthecity Thu 24-Nov-16 12:00:04

You can get pregnant and you know the reasons why you have lost your previous pregnancies.
It seems to me like you have good odds with the assistance of heparin.
If you could easily afford the 6k then why not?
But if it is going to be a struggle it looks likely that you will achieve it naturally.
Only you can decide, but I'd probably give it another 6 months to see first.
Good luck either way

user1480245482 Sun 27-Nov-16 11:28:14

Just want to wish you all luck in the world with your decision and further treatment

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 29-Nov-16 05:47:12

That seems low to me and wouid look around abroad / you could get 2-3 cycles for same money and possibly a higher success rate

And yes check out success rate and live birth rate. They are different

Pooky77 Tue 29-Nov-16 10:12:08

OP i have a very similar story to you, started down the path of IVF at 38 with similar results to yours except the cause of my infertility was tubal damage.
If i'm honest i wish i hadn't waited the 6 months it took to diagnose the damage as it could not be repaired, i wish i had listened to the first consultant i saw who advised me to go straight to IVF, but hindsight is a wonderful thing!
I was given a chance of 30% of IVF working for me, which as other posters have mentioned is higher than the live birth rate, but IVF worked for me first time. I realise i am very fortunate, but if it is something you can afford to try i would give it a go.

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