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GP tests for ivf for no.2?

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Scottishgirl85 Fri 18-Nov-16 20:49:22

We are very lucky to already have a little girl and now we're at the very start of an ivf journey to try for number 2. We've chosen Reprofit in Czech republic and are required to get fertility tests done (day 3 hormones, tsh, amh, intravaginal scan mid cycle). Am I able to ask my GP to do these even though I have a child? Should I admit it's for private ivf? Our fertility issue is severe male factor infertility making natural conception incredibly unlikely. We've been trying for a year since our little girl but think we're wasting time pursuing natural any longer due to very slim odds! Thanks in advance!

Sausage01 Fri 18-Nov-16 22:51:47

You can ask your GP but most won't do the tests and will suggest you go to a private clinic in the UK and pay for them. The tests your asking for will speak for themselves so it won't matter whether you tell them what they are for as if they don't see a clinical need to request them, they won't. However, I know of the odd person with a GP that have helped with this type of thing...

Congrats on DD and good luck trying for no 2 smile

happyinthesunshine Fri 18-Nov-16 23:20:10

You can get the standard blood work screening for HIV, STDs etc done for free at your local GUM clinic. We saved £500 each cycle doing this.
I don't expect you'll get help with funding for the other things sadly, as you have had a child. Best ask, you may get a sympathetic GP who could point you in the right direction.

Scottishgirl85 Sat 19-Nov-16 07:57:57

Many thanks! I'll give it a go then on the off chance but with the knowledge that I'll likely be turned away. Think hubby might get free sperm analysis as the NHS are storing some samples for free for him following testicular cancer so they phone him every year or so to do a count to see if they can justify disposing his samples! I have no idea where to get tests done privately, feeling slightly overwhelmed at the start of what will be a long journey! Thanks again, and for tip about gum clinic xx

Nan0second Sat 19-Nov-16 08:01:37

Any private gynaecologist will be able to organise these tests for you.
Google your local private hospital and pick a gynaecology consultant (they all have them!)
Alternatively your local fertility clinic will do them.
GP may do your hormone profile but round here wouldn't do any of the other stuff.

Scottishgirl85 Fri 02-Dec-16 18:37:01

Thought I'd update in case anyone comes across this thread. I went to GP and I'm getting all blood tests and the pelvic ultrasound on NHS. Only thing they wouldn't do is Amh because I'm 'young'. So definitely worth asking GP, the fact I have a child didn't seem to make a difference for initial investigations.

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