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IVF - extended period of injections

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GardenDreamer Fri 18-Nov-16 14:27:47

Hi everyone.
I'm on my first round of IVF. I'm on Menopur and Cetrotide. Today is day 12 of injections and tomorrow is my 4th scan. Has anyone else had snow growth of follicles with a sudden surge at the end? If so please rest my weary worried head and let me know your experiences. I have a possibly final scan tomorrow. If there's no growth they will cancel but I think the nurse said that if there's a bit more growth they'll extend my injection time a bit? Basically my follicle size just plateaued and never increased. It's Friday as I type. I had first scan on Saturday and there were 7 follicles, all between 10-12mm. In BOTH scans that followed, there were only 6 follicles and the sizes were the same. No growth. They've increased my dosage twice. In their words they think it might all come good in the end because I've got a good egg reserve in general and they see last minute growth a lot apparently - but I'm so scared of cancellation. At the last scan I was an emotional mess, truly. I think the weight of the hormones in my system didn't help - I was yelping back the tears.... if you have a similar experience and it was positive please tell me. Please note, I'm having counselling now as I seem to be finding it too traumatic (I KNOW, the fun hasn't EVEN started yet!!) so please be kind in your response, positive stories only please thank you. My scan is tomorrow. shockconfused THANK YOU!! x

Mrscrabtree Sat 19-Nov-16 08:30:41

Hello Garden, I'm afraid I don't have any words of wisdom for you confused but I get how horrible it is (my first one got cancelled for a different reason) and so I'm just sending good vibes your way. It's fine to cry at scans and good that you're having counselling! This whole journey is messed up. Good luck for your scan, fingers crossed xx

GardenDreamer Sat 19-Nov-16 11:22:23

Hi Mrscrabtree, thank you!! Am I replying properly? I've never really got my head around these things and how to reply! Thanks for your thoughts, it does help, thank you. Are you going to try again? My suspense continues now as I've had my 4th scan today and they have done another blood test and I'll get a phone call later to say whether I should stop now or continue on the medication until Monday (as there has been a little bit of growth but it's very late...). confused What's so horrid is the lack of control... it's hard to focus on anything else isn't it. Hard to 'have a life' outside of the constant checking, preparing, consultanting and medicating.... big sigh..... I think it's annoying when we're somehow expected to get on with things and chill out and have a life when it's all that's whirring about our minds.... I also can't shake the feeling that pregnancy is just not for me, it's never my term and it won't be, because it isn't for me, it's for other women, not me.... supposedly there are no issues for either my husband or me, but (being a bit of a hypochondriac) I'm under the impression that there is something wrong that will show up further down the line - but actually that is probably a symptom of frustration more than anything... Nice to know that other people find it hard too though. Best wishes to you!!

bluebird3 Sun 20-Nov-16 08:17:11


Not sure about last minute growth, but just wanted to say one of my best friends had 2 cancelled cycles due to this. They kept adjusting the drugs and it worked the 3rd time and she now has a beautiful baby girl. So hang in there! I've just found out this week I need IVF as well, so I will be joining in the stress soon. Fx you get your little bean asap. flowersflowers

GardenDreamer Mon 28-Nov-16 21:37:58

Hi All,
Just an extension to my original post / question (in case anyone is ever interested) my Menopur injections got continued until day 17. Egg collection on day 19 found 9 mature eggs. Hooray! I'd been told I'd be on 14 days of stimulation injections, but I didn't respond to them until slightly late in cycle, so they extended it a bit and it yielded results.

GardenDreamer Mon 28-Nov-16 21:41:58

Hi bluebird3,

Good luck for your IVF!!! I found everything that I have had to do or have done to me to be fine, completely fine, which is entirely different to my fearful expectations. My main problem has been anxiety - if I hadn't worried so much the ENTIRE PROCESS would have been surprisingly easy (although the constant waiting for stuff to happen etc isn't great).
Good luck to you!! smile

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