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Day 21 Blood Test Help!

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user1479311539 Wed 16-Nov-16 16:04:10

So, I was sent for the day 21 blood test last week to see if I was releasing eggs. I went on what I calculated to be day 21 of my cycle, however had a positive ovulation stick the day after the blood test.

I called the doctors today and the results have come back abnormal. The exact result was 4mmol... obviously I did the natural thing and had a quick google and got upset that it's not good news...

I'm just wondering how sensitive the blood test is and also if having the blood test before the day of ovulation could be a factor why my results were so low?

Any advice or insight into this would be amazing ... I'm new to this!

Blueroses99 Wed 16-Nov-16 18:23:52

In a normal 28 day cycle, ovulation should be around 14 days, so the test at 21 days is to check the hormone levels are consistent with ovulation having occurred. In your case it's possible that ovulation occurred later in your cycle and therefore your results would be 'abnormal' because you didn't ovulate before the blood test. Other people on these boards have talked about ovulation occurring in the second half of the cycle (the luteal phase) rather than in the middle so it's not unusual but some GPs may not be familiar with it.

I would suggest that you ask to be retested next month, at a minimum day 3, day 21, day 28 (and every 7 days). I'm not an expert by any means but this is how I read the situation and I hope it helps.

user1479311539 Wed 16-Nov-16 19:40:11

Hello.. no I totally understand and this is how I left and kind of what I wanted to hear... my cycle varies from 28-30 days ... it's always so different so that's why we decided to go on the 21st day, as I had never had a positive on the ovulation sticks before I didn't even have an idea when I ovulated so was taken by surprise the day after!
Fingers crossed it's all ok!
(This helped :-))

Blueroses99 Wed 16-Nov-16 22:16:23

Hello... If you ovulate at a different point in your cycle than expected, it could be that you were TTC at the wrong time. It might be worth monitoring your cycle over several months in case this was a blip, but if you've never had a positive on an ovulation stick before it might be because you were testing too early and you ovulate later than you thought.

Your doctor should be arranging blood test on day 3, 21 and 28 though - not just day 21, as you don't get the full picture otherwise.

Good luck!

broodypsycho Wed 16-Nov-16 23:59:20

I had the same with mine,well sort of. I have 29-33 day cycles and it was hard to get exactly 7 days before my period. Try using ovulation kit and when u get a positive go in for the bloods 7 days after. I had to do mine 3 times.

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