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Assisted hatching

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beanhunter Wed 09-Nov-16 21:35:21

We are on our second cycle of treatment. First was straight IVF (history of endo but largely felt to fall into unexplained). No fertilisation. Everyone a bit shocked as we had 3 spontaneous pregnancies (2mc and one dd). Some question that eggs were oval but no real reason identified.
So today was ec for cycle 2. Cycle has been a bit of a debarcle (failed down reg, ovarian cyst and then switch to short with initial poor response and needing big doses of stims). Was thrilled to get 11 eggs (massive suprise) of which 10 were suitable for icsi (recommended becuase of the fertilisation issue). Embryologist has rung and said that the shells of the eggs are thick and she is likely to recommend assisted hatching. I know roughly what this involved but don't really know the risks and benefits (including chance of multiples). Can anyone shed any light?

Lolly2803 Wed 09-Nov-16 21:51:24

Hey Bean,
I'm having my ET tomorrow from my first FET (didn't get to ET during my IVF cycle). It's been an absolute rollercoaster to say the least! If we do make it tomorrow which although scheduled is still a risk with me then we will also be having assisted hatching. We were recommended it by the Dr who said sometimes with frozen embryos the shells can get a bit hard. She did say there was a risk of identical twins but the risk is very small. She didn't really point out any other risks but we are going for it! I can keep you posted if that helps. xxx

Lolly2803 Wed 09-Nov-16 21:52:28

Oh and well done on the eggs! I also had short protocol as had lower ovarian reserve and I also got 10 eggs. Everyone was surprised by that!! Fingers crossed for good results tomorrow for you xxx

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