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Very light bleeding 7 dad after 5dt

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MaddieH Sat 05-Nov-16 09:27:57

Hi all,

This is my second round of IVF with ICSI. I had a 5dt of a top quality embryo last Saturday and the pregnancy test date I was given is next Friday. Late yesterday evening and this morning, I have had some very light watery red/brown bleeding. With my last IVF I had spotting three days before my test date and it was negative.

Could this be my period coming early, or is it too early to be my period? When is your period actually meant to arrive after IVF? I thought it would be due around the test date, but not sure now. Also, I'm beginning to think that if I'm bleeding now, I might have low progesterone and maybe that's a problem.

Does anyone have any advice?

Many thanks x

Underchipsandpeas Sat 05-Nov-16 09:32:39

May well be implantation bleeding. I had that on both cycles, both worked. Good luck!

MaddieH Sat 05-Nov-16 09:43:40

Thank you, under. I just thought it would be too late for implantation bleeding and too early for period. Who knows eh? This two week wait business is a nightmare!

Underchipsandpeas Sat 05-Nov-16 09:57:40

I think that's bang on for implantation bleed isn't it?

Underchipsandpeas Sat 05-Nov-16 09:58:25

And yes the 2ww was easily the hardest bit!

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