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Spotting during 2ww. Help!

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ekam Thu 03-Nov-16 11:15:20

Hi everyone,
I'm on my 2ww (test day is this Sunday) and had some brown discharge yesterday. Needless to say I was dishearten. I looked it up on google and also called the clinic, everyone says it's inconclusive and I just have to wait for test day.

But I start having light AF cramps today. The brown discharge however has gone alot lighter, now it's this weird grey colour and kind of liquidy insteaf of just hard wax (sorry TMI). I'm on cyclogest.

Please could you share some advice and your own experience I'm trying very hard to stay positive but it's not really working. Very confused why the cramps started but the colour and consistency changed and not getting heavier.

Should I test earlier seeing that AF seems to be coming? This is my first IVF, ET was last Wednesday.

Thank you x

WootyWoo Thu 03-Nov-16 16:49:12

I'm on my 2ww too and having similar symptoms. A bit of greyish then brown discharge yesterday and today and also a change in consistency - official test day is Monday (ET last Thursday) but Google says I can test on Saturday...

I'm actually testing out supplementary hcg injections I've been given (don't want a false positive) and I'm sure they'd gone at this point on my last transfer but still showing positive today...

There's just no way to know with spotting is there, it's either good news or bad news <helpful> smile

I hope you get good news x

oompaloompaland Fri 04-Nov-16 19:33:55

Bleeding could be a sign of implantation. That can happen around day 10 after ET. I know a couple that happened too, they were convinced that it was a sign of a failure - and their DC is now at school.

Implantation bleeds can and do happen. Don't give up hope. I truly, truly hope you are successful.

ekam Fri 04-Nov-16 20:00:23

Thank you very much wooty and oom. It stopped yesterday and came back today, heavy, fresh blood, basically AF. It's too late for implantation - I'm 9dp5dt, so 14dpo already. There's no hope is there 😔😔. I know there are people who would bleed and still have a positive but I'm certain I'm not one of them.

drinkyourmilk Fri 04-Nov-16 20:10:33

ekam I'm not sure if you want a glimmer of hope or not. Infertility is so damn cruel I think it's sometimes better psychologically to expect the worst.
I'm currently 19 weeks as a result of my first ivf treatment. The friday before I was due to test (test day Tuesday ) I had a massive period like bleed. Was so convinced it was af I told relatives it hadn't worked. There is hope. It's tenuous I appreciate, but possible. I've been where you are and nothing hurts more. It helped me those few days to plan when my next treatment could possibly start. And I cried alot. On anyone who would let me. I'm hoping against all odds everything has worked out for you flowers

ekam Fri 04-Nov-16 21:07:20

drink many thanks for the kind words. I can't help but hope for a miracle, but at the same time accept defeat. Just had a massive cry. This is soul destroying.

I tested earlier in the evening and it was negative. Didn't really want to test early but with the bleeding I thought might as well how worse can it get. Will still take another test tomorrow and Sunday just to be sure. Praying the odds will be with me, just once.

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