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Gently challenging infertility 'humour' in the wider world

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MaybeDoctor Tue 01-Nov-16 20:25:08

Need to let something off my chest a little. I might have made myself look a bit difficult today, but I think it was important to do.

Someone in my organisation circulates news stories as part of their role, but they sometimes put on a funny one at the end. However, the 'funny' one they chose today happened to be related to infertility - albeit the slightly more nudge-nudge end of things. So I did decide to take my courage in both hands and went to speak to them privately face-to-face and just said that this was a really sensitive issue for many people, including people in this organisation and, in so many words, said that it wasn't too funny for someone who was hoping to be treated and have a baby. I probably looked way over-serious and a bit of a killjoy, but it did upset me that people could be having a chuckle over something that might be someone's only hope to have a baby.

The irony is that, up to a few years ago, I would probably have thought nothing of the story either....but I am well and truly educated now, both from my own experiences and from being on here.

My fertility journey is pretty much at an end - even writing that is much less painful now than it would have been a few months' ago. I have an adored child whom I thank God for every day - and some dreams for a second baby that never materialised - but I am not going to wash my hands of infertility either. Maybe positively advocating for sensitivity around infertility is something constructive that can be done? Any thoughts or responses welcome.

StealthPolarBear Tue 01-Nov-16 20:27:21

I'm not being po but I can't think of any humour around infertility.
I'm glad things have worked out for you

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