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PCOS & high FSH level

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louthemac Mon 31-Oct-16 20:34:00

Hi all

I have PCOS and managed to conceive naturally 3.5yrs ago. However lately all my symptoms have been worsening and we have so far been unable to get pregnant again. I have irregular cycles, acne, struggle to loose weight and lately my hair is falling out which mad eme go to the doctors.

Today I found out my FSH levels are 27. The doctor just said it was abnormal and to think about being referred for fertile treatment.

A quick google when I left suggest levels this high are indicative of menopause. I'm 34.

The blood test was on day 20 of my cycle - should I ask for this to be re-done on day 3 which is suggested for FSH levels?

The last time my FSH levels were taken was 18 months ago and they were in the normal range.

Would be interested in other experienced and if you have high FSH if you had early menopause.

FleurThomas Sat 05-Nov-16 01:20:38

The FSH test is meaningless if it's not taken on day 2/3. You should retake & be firm with your surgery about the date.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 05-Nov-16 19:45:14

The blood test was taken on the wrong day; what usually gets measured around that time is progesterone. Not FSH.

You need a day 3 test done (these tests can also be done according to calendar days) to measure and compare your LH level against that of FSH. This is the day this particular test should be done.

louthemac Mon 07-Nov-16 11:27:10

Thanks for the replies. I requested a call back from the Gp and explained this and she agreed I will have the test redone on next cycle day 3.

I did get it wrong though - my FSH was 10 & my LH was 27 so panicking slightly less now.

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