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ParkerH1 Mon 31-Oct-16 16:28:13

im not really sure what to write... i found out i had pcos 9years ago. i miscarried five years ago and have been trying to have another after my body recovered i have had all sorts of tests done to find out my options. unfortunately my only hope now is IVF which the hospital told me they would send me another appointment to give me a rest from the tablets they kept putting me on and having the tests done on my tubes. i have been ringing up for an appointment for over 6 months and am thinking they are fobbing me off i keep getting told i will get a phone call back off the doctor and i cant make an appointment until she sends me out a letter even on my last appointment she said she was putting it on my notes that when i ring up i need an appointment urgently because of how bad things have been with side affects and what have you. me and my partner want to start IVF and feel like were banging our heads against the wall not getting anywhere.
is anybody else out there going through something similar?

drinkyourmilk Mon 31-Oct-16 16:30:25

Have you had a referral from your gp/Dr?
And will this be nhs funded or private?

ParkerH1 Mon 31-Oct-16 16:36:34

yeah they put me on the list nhs but i have to go to another appointment first to see how my body recovered

PhantomPringles Mon 31-Oct-16 18:16:06

I am not trying for a baby now, but I have experience of PCOS and just wanted to say you are not alone. I do have a son who is 16 now, but I know I will never have another child and at 37 it is really hard to come to terms with. I can't have IVF (due to my existing child and also for me, another pregnancy would be dangerous) but I do wish you well and hope it works for you flowers

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