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Anybody used Lutigest??

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MaddieH Sun 30-Oct-16 19:03:03

Hi all,

I had an embryo transfer yesterday and my mind is in overdrive with questions and thoughts!

This is my second ICSI cycle and after my first egg collection, I was given Lutigest for progesterone support. I had a 5dt of a top quality blastocyst and was given a 65% chance of pregnancy. I had a lot of spotting in the 5 days before my OTD and, after the BFN, felt that the Lutigest might have been the reason. Apart from the spotting, there's not any evidence for this, just a feeling I had.

Because of my concerns with Lutigest, the clinic have given me Cyclogest this time and so far, it's going ok. What has interested me is that whereas in the last cycle I was on 300mg per day of Lutigest (typical dose), I am now on 800mg per day of cyclogest (typical dose). So I'm now getting 500mg/day more progesterone than on the last cycle, which I'm pleased about, but why would my clinic give me Lutigest in the first place? Also, when I google Lutigest there is very little info on it compared to Cyclogest. Is it a new drug? A cheaper drug? I'm an NHS patient so I'm paranoid that my clinic might have given me the cheaper, less good drugs, rather than the good ones! There are a few other things that have concerned me about this clinic, though, so there is a reason for my paranoia.

If any of you know anything about Lutigest, I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks and best wishes to everyone going through treatment

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