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Starting IVF today...what are my chances

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Hobbes39 Mon 24-Oct-16 13:31:26

I was just wondering if others out there might be able to give me some idea of whether we have a good chance with IVF as we are starting the process today - with 2 weeks of microgynon, followed by burselin then stimms etc. We have a. 3 year old already, so I know I'm v lucky, but have been trying for a sibling for 2 years now with no luck....
My stats all seem reasonably good except for my age, Tests results are as below:
FSH: 3.9ul
LH: 2.9ul
E2: 165
AFC: was 7 last month, but now 14 this month (not sure why the change?!)
AMH: 15.4

We are officially 'unexplained secondary infertility' as DPs sperm is all good too....

Thanks for reading

Hobbes39 Mon 24-Oct-16 13:32:38

I should add, I'll be 40 in the new year...

Sara237 Tue 25-Oct-16 16:43:28

Hi Hobbes,
That you've been pregnant before and dp has good swimmers sounds good. You should go on 'the mind numbing boredom of infertility' thread 3 for expert advice. But reading different stories on here I'm starting to think the element of chance is key. Like you I am 39 with unexplained infertility- being this age, the odds of natural bfp with only one egg are very poor but with a selection of eggs things look more likely. Like you, I start tomorrow but its my second cycle. Had one in the summer which sadly didn't work. But I found it all OK. I had 14 eggs collected and good fertilisation but only one was viable by day 5. It made me realise why I wasn't getting pregnant if it took all those eggs to get to one decent embryo! Im afraid I know nothing about the microgynon; I'm straight onto the burserelin. I felt a bit achy and intolerant from time to time but I often do anyway!
I hope it works out well for you and let me know if you want to stay in touch - its good to message someone else in similar ivf boat! Oh and drink LOADS of water. It made me feel much better.

Hobbes39 Tue 25-Oct-16 19:56:26

Hi Sara - thanks so much for replying - I'm sorry you've been through this before without success, fingers crossed this is your time now xx That's reassuring to hear that you didn't find it too bad - I'm a bit scared about how it will make me feel and about the fact that the chances are that it's much more likely not to work that it is to be positive, so I don't want to get my hopes up...but then don't know how to strike a happy medium between that and feeling really negative about it all...!
How are you feeling about it 2nd time around? X

Sara237 Wed 26-Oct-16 07:40:29

Hobbes- it's an emotional rollercoaster that's for sure. I'm quite excited as thought I'd have to wait till Jan for cycle 2. I was worried about injecting and egg collection both of which I found fine. Also I felt well on the drugs; clinic said I was an advert for it. I was on my summer holidays for the whole cycle though so spent six weeks relaxing in sunshine which must have helped! I was gutted when period came as hopes are up and I was gutted when out of 10 fertilised eggs, only one got to day 5. But now am glad there were none to freeze as get full second round of fresh on NHS. Being on the forums there are women who get hardly any eggs and get bfp women with a big batch who don't and everything in between! Be kind to yourself!

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