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Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy, dye & hysteroscopy key hole surgery

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Wispin Sat 15-Oct-16 20:31:34


Just wanted to let anyone know having this operation how I felt afterwards what to expect..the doctors says you should be able to go home the same day..this was not the case with me...the operation was at 3:20pm ...I wasn't out till 5:35pm then in should onky take about an hour but they must have found a lot of adhesions to remove..I also had a 5cm cyst to remove and endomitris ....when I came too...I remember having the shakes while lying on the recovery bed...they have some sort of heat blanket that blows warm air onto you....after about ten minutes of lying are then wheeled up to your room..after 40 minutes the doctor cones round to tell you how it went....I had severe nausea if I moved my head forward..and also from the co2 gaz , severe pain in my right shoulder like a pulled muscle..breathing hurt because they say the co2 can affect your diaphragm ..the nurses where urging me to go home...but I was so nauseous that was not gona happen..I got up on the edge of the bed at 2am and to call a nurse To go to the logo..the pain was severe in my stomach..I nearly fell over on the way to the logo...I couldn't sleep...and had to have an anti sickness injection which seamed to help..went home the next morning laid in bed all hurt to get up...with pain in my shoulder and hurt to breathe...once I was up I was ok...if I laid back down on the bed then the gaz would shift again and I would feel the pain again...had the op late Friday evening..started to feel better late evening on Tuesday I was then walking straighter not hunched over any more ..I tock the bandages of on Wednesday...two very small little slits and one new belly button..I thought they were going to make an insishing below the belly button ..but in my case they must have gone through the belly button...this is just for anyone that might be having the same op....I'm glad I've done it...has any one else had this.

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