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Clomid, chemical pregnancy and late ovulation

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YouBoggleMyMind Wed 12-Oct-16 11:59:01


I had a chemical pregnancy a couple of weeks ago and began a new cycle of clomid 150mg on the second day of bleeding. I've had a scan today and it shows no dominant follicles and my lining is only 6mm. 2 previous cycles of clomid have resulted in dominant follicles and a good lining. One cycle just didn't work and the other ended in this chemical pregnancy a couple of weeks ago.

Is there any chance that my body is just being a bit slow and I'll ovulate later? Or am I completely out this cycle? Has the chemical pregnancy had an effect? This is my 7th cycle of clomid (not back to back) and I've got one left before we look at injectables. Why would clomid suddenly just stop having an effect? It took 4 failed cycles and several months of metformin to get me to do anything, why has it suddenly stopped?

I am feeling so down about it all. Over 2 years of ttc and it's just been heartbreak after heartbreak.

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