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MRI scan

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BirdyBoo Sat 08-Oct-16 13:49:22

Hi Ladies,
We've recently been referred for ivf as DH has no swimmers following chemo a few years ago (thankfully have some on ice).
Last week I was sent for pelvic ultrasound and all ok I thought. Today I've received a referral for MRI scan confused. Anyone have any experience of this and know what it might be for? It's totally thrown me and being a Saturday I can't ring and ask.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Thanks smile

BirdyBoo Wed 12-Oct-16 19:28:11

Update: today I've had the letter from my consultant that the first scan shows a bicornuate uterus so the MRI is for a further look. Fingers crossed it doesn't affect our ability to go ahead with ivf. Interested to know if anyone else has experience of this.

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