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Clexane (During private IVF) Cheapest cost / NHS / 2nd opinions

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Imbali Fri 07-Oct-16 19:34:50

Starting IVF at private clinic in London. Immunology tests results showed mild risk of blood clotting, being prescribed Clexane (40mg) from Egg collection thru delivery of child (if IVF successful). 3quick questions please!

Clinic using PharmaSure which has priced them at £5.30 each. Anyone find better pricing?

Anyone try to get the prescription from NHS (bringing the Immunology results with) and were you successful?

Did anyone pursue a second opinion from a hemotologist? I am with a top clinic in London, one that specializes in IVF Immunology but wonder if they are being ridicuously conservative. I have a son already and never had issue with that preg / no miscarriages...just noodling the last


WootyWoo Sun 09-Oct-16 07:41:21

Hi, I was prescribed Clexane and was a bit horrified initially at the costs quoted - similar to yours.

Then I tried Asda pharmacy and my memory is a little hazy, but in order to get the best price you had to order in packs of 10 which were about £32, so over time a big saving.

I don't have a known clotting issue, my clinic like to use it as a safeguard I think.

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