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To scratch or not to scratch - involement in research project

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iwillbemummy Thu 06-Oct-16 16:59:58

Hi All

DH and I have been referred for ICSI and had our first appointment at the fertility centre last week for all the form filling and initial discussion etc.

Whilst drowning in all the forms and paperwork they were giving us, they also mentioned a research project where the endometrial scratch was being offered to first time NHS patients going through IVF / ICSI. As this is our first (and only NHS attempt), we are eligible to partake in the study.

We go back in November and need to opt in or out for the study to have the scratch before our first ICSI cycle. The only issue I have is that, this procedure has mainly been used following failed IVF / ICSI cycles and therefore not normally for first timers.

I am split with my decision at the minute as will we be saying yes when we don't already know that the cycle may work without the scratch. If that makes sense, sorry if confusing.

I suppose, I am asking for peoples experiences with the endometrial scratch, and opinions on having it for a first and even subsequent cycles??

Thanks so much in advance, there's just so much to consider and my mind is boggled confused

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