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FSH 10 at age of 31

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Daisy308 Fri 30-Sep-16 17:03:52

Hope everyone is well I'm new to this board and trying to get some opinion! I started my first IVF in July and my FSH was 8.4 so I knew my eggs wouldn't be good sad. In the end I had 4 eggs retrieved with 3 fertilised but given the bad quality, doctor decided to put one back on day 2 but got a BFN. In August we put the remaining 2 back but it was also a BFN. I went to a different doctor this month (more experienced) who gave me growth hormone as well to try and improve the quality however after a week of stimulation, I only have 1 egg in each ovary. I'm devastated as I almost quitted drinking completely since July but my condition has got even worse (my latest FSH is 10 so doctor said this has now become a competition with time). I'm trying to stay positive but since DH has been away I feel like I am dealing with this all by myself. Does anyone have any idea why my FSH is so high when I'm only 31 years old?! I used to drink 3-4 glasses per night after work and would that be the reason? Anyone knows what I should do to improve or had a successful pregnancy with high FSH?
Ps. 2nd ER scheduled for 5 sept - fingers crossed!!

Chattycat78 Fri 30-Sep-16 19:03:37

Fsh has got nothing to do with drinking or anything else you may or may not have done. It's luck of the draw as to how many eggs you are born with and some of us are born with less than others unfortunately.

Also yes fsh has an impact on ivf because you will respond less well, however it is sketchy as to whether fsh impacts on natural conception or not. Can you try naturally?

Finally high fsh might mean you have Les eggs but it has no bearing on the quality of those eggs. Quality is related to age and is the biggest factor as to whether pregnancy occurs or not. At 31 your Eggs are probably good.

I myself had an fsh of 12 age 34 so it was probably 10 age 31. However I now have 2 little boys. One through Ivf and one natural conception, so clearly it's possible to get pregnant.

Lolly2803 Fri 30-Sep-16 19:31:00

Hi Daisy, what protocol did you do? I am 29 and had FSH of 11 or 12. I can't quiet remember! I had my first IVF cycle in July too! I didn't down reg so did short protocol. Didn't respond well to stims and had to up my dose every day I was having scans. In the end I did get 10 eggs. 8 fertilised. And ended up with 5 day 5 embryos in the freezer. I had to freeze all as I had fluid in my uterus and lining wasn't thickening. But anyway, would be good to know what protocol you had as that could make a big difference. How long did you stim for? Have you read "it all starts with the egg" I followed the guidelines for supplement for DOR and did acupuncture - worth a try? I also cut out booze. Quality is usually down to age I was told so are they sure the quality isn't good and it's not something else? What have your clinic said? xxx

Lolly2803 Fri 30-Sep-16 19:32:23

P.S each cycle can be so different I'm told so stay positive!! xxx

Daisy308 Sat 01-Oct-16 02:40:46

Thanks all for you replies! We can't try natural conception as DH had vasectomy done years ago and although it's been reversed, it didn't last forever and no sperm (not even one!!) has been found in his semen earlier this year. In hindsight we should've tried naturally right after the reversal 3 years ago but what done is done. That's why we started IVF in the first place.

I didn't down reg either and went straight to stims (it's been 1 week on rFSH+menopur+Saizen+centrotide and my ER will be done on day 13). My dosage is already so high that I am constantly feeling dizzy and threw up once. Not sure about the egg quality for this cycle yet all I know so far is that the number of follicles has dropped from 4 to 2 (and FSH from 8.4 to 10) since July which really upsets me. Anyway based on my last IVF cycle, only 1 embryo was graded 2 (2 cell on day 2 so too slow) and the remaining 2 embryos were graded 2- (5 cell and 7 cell on day 2 so too fast). Therefore I'm not too optimistic about this cycle either. confused

I have heard acupuncture helps too! How often do you do and are you going to keep doing it until BFP? It's really good that you have 5 x day 5 embryos and are not rushing to put them back until you are in your best condition. My last doctor couldn't wait to put mine back and I ended up getting 2 BFNs. confused

Anyway will try to stay positive while preparing for the worst!!!

Chattycat78 Sat 01-Oct-16 05:05:14

I did acupuncture on the build up to Ivf and also during ivf. I also took supplements such as b6 and co enzyme q10 for egg supply.

I can see why you are worried but it only takes 1 decent embryo to stick. When I did ivf I only had 2 eggs retrieved, I embryo, I bfp. Perhaps that's mega lucky, but the clinic were quick to point out that if only takes one. Also I'm not sure how they grade them but I think it's just based on appearance which is no guarantee or otherwise of genetic integrity (unless you do the screening), so one that doesn't look that great in theory can be the one which sticks.

Chattycat78 Sat 01-Oct-16 05:06:01

Sorry that should say "egg quality"- not egg supply!

Lolly2803 Sat 01-Oct-16 09:53:01

Daisy I started it before I began stims and then did it right up until I stopped meds due to freeze all. I'm now waiting for AF so I can begin my FET and started It last week. I would really recommend it! Make sure you go to someone good though. Worth a try right! I also took all the supplements mentioned. Co q10, Vitamin C and E. Took those before and during IVF.

It only takes one embryo so don't worry about the numbers everyone is different and you'll get there! How long do you stim for? I was about 14 days I think in the end but gradually increased the dose - slow and steady seemed to work for me have you tried that or is it always high dose? xx

Daisy308 Sun 02-Oct-16 03:27:30

I was always worried that the nature of acupuncture might contradict with the western med but looks like it works in both Chinese and western culture which really amazes me! I'm def going to try it smile

Lolly2803 When you say you don't respond well hence the increase in dosage do you mean your follicles were not growing big enough? For my first IVF I had to stim for 13 days as my eggs were not big enough for the retrieval. They needed to be at least 18mm before the HCG shot. This time it will be just 11/12 days since I am only growing 2 follicles. Its been high dose for me since day 1 as doc was trying to get the small/ immature ones to catch up too. I guess doing it slowly would work better for you given the no of follicles you have so you can focus on improving the quality instead? As for the supplements, I'm only taking folic acid, chasteberry extract (it was surprising that either of my docs knew what it was) and co q10. I think I might as well get the vitamins and see if it will help too.
thanks so much for the tips I also googled the book which is exactly what I need! Will def get one smile

Your story really cheers me up Chattycat! My doc also said the grading doesn't mean much - was it the only IVF you have had? Do you know what grade of the embryo it was that got you the BFP (just curious!) It really shows how much quality matters rather than quantity!

Chattycat78 Sun 02-Oct-16 04:18:14

Yes it was the first time we did ivf so mega lucky I know. I have no idea what the embryo grade was but they did say it was "excellent".

farfallarocks Sun 02-Oct-16 10:46:10

Your egg quality is still likely to be good at 31 so don't worry too much. I also had an fsh of 10 and an amh of below 1 and managed to get pregnant naturally twice (actually 5 times but we miscarried 3, I imagine due to poor egg wuality) I recommend it all starts with the egg, I tried to follow all the recommendations in there including taking dhea which I think did the trick for me. Good luck!

Lolly2803 Sun 02-Oct-16 10:50:06

Daisy they just said I wasn't responding and the follicles weren't growing as they would have liked. She said there was one big and about 5 ok and then a few smaller ones. They said they couldn't tell about quality until they removed them. I also had an issue with one of my ovaries as it was high, they said it was unlikely they'd be able to get to it vaginally so they'd have to try abdominally. I was a nervous wreck when I went for EC wondering if I'd get any eggs!! In the end they could get vaginally as once they took from the good ovary the other one dropped down. I had 10 follicles and 9 mature eggs. 8 fertilised normally and 5 blasts in the freezer. Sometimes docs can't predict so just keep thinking positive! I had acupuncture and followed the book supplements. I also didn't have caffeine or any white carbs and alcohol or sugar. The issue I think with me is this bloody fluid!!! Try acupuncture def!!! xxx

Daisy308 Thu 06-Oct-16 10:22:44

Got 3 eggs from ER yesterday, 2 normal sizes and 1 really small. Doctor called today and said both big ones failed to fertilise given the bad quality. The small one has been cultivated to normal size. they will do ICSI and let me know tomorrow whether it's fertilised. I'm devastated sad

Lolly2803 Thu 06-Oct-16 14:22:08

Daisy I'm so sorry. But remember it only takes one!! Fingers crossed tomorrow brings good news. Be nice to yourself, you've been through a lot up to and including EC. Lots of love xxx

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