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Paying for IVF

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Bibs2014 Thu 29-Sep-16 21:12:16

Would like to hear how others paid for their IVF. Is getting into debt for it a bad idea?

Blueroses99 Thu 29-Sep-16 21:48:49

Debt is such a difficult factor because if IVF works, it'll happily be paid off over time. If it doesn't, it still needs to be paid off, but maybe a bit more painful. On the other hand, as age has an impact, waiting too long while saving can be counterproductive.

I saved up, and actually pre-paid for 3 discounted cycles so I knew I could keep going if the first one didn't work (the NHS cycle before going private did not work, and there was added pressure of only having one 'free' go).

If I hadn't have been able to save, I think I would go into debt, because I want it so much, but only if the repayments were manageable and affordable.

What are you thinking?

lotsoffreckles Fri 30-Sep-16 12:02:56

We saved and borrowed from family for our 1st cycle and FET following that which unfortunately didn't work.

After that we took a break and got married, we were luckily as I was only 27 when I had my 1st round so had a little time. We asked for money as a wedding gift to go towards our next IVF round, I've always been very open and determined to break the suffer in silence norm that seems to happen around infertility so everyone who was coming to our wedding already knew of our previous treatments. We then took a further year to save the rest and Im now currently 14 weeks pregnant with our wedding present :-)

Blueroses99 Fri 30-Sep-16 12:47:30

Congratulations Freckles! A wedding gift approach sounds like a great way of breaking the taboo and getting something that you actually want.

LHReturns Fri 30-Sep-16 14:30:36

Lotsoffreckles, your post made me well up. What a wonderful wedding gift - if I was one of your wedding guests I would have been overwhelmed with joy to have the chance to contribute towards that! Congratulations.

And good luck OP!!

lotsoffreckles Fri 30-Sep-16 14:44:16

It makes me well up all the time too LH, although I wouldn't go through what I went through the 3.5 years previous again I do think it was meant to be this way IYSWIM.

I was overjoyed last week to tell everyone that contributed towards our little miracle, it's the present that keeps on giving. Our guests were pretty amazing.

I do have an Usher not insisting that he surely gets to at least choose a middle name. ha! :-)

LHReturns Fri 30-Sep-16 14:52:57

Hee hee hee - it is simply fabulous, and my god you deserve it. I would LOVE to have been one of your guests that now gets to enjoy your success and happiness.

I am currently 5 weeks pregnant after IVF, so especially enjoy reading of successes like yours. The very best wishes for your remaining pregnancy.

lotsoffreckles Fri 30-Sep-16 16:07:54

Ah thank you LH, I have been following you're story on the other boards (Im a bit of a lurker) and was so happy to see you're news too.

Only feels like yesterday I was at 5 weeks, it's the slowest time of you're life waiting for the magic 12 weeks I wish you all the love and luck in the world x

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 02-Oct-16 12:08:15

Yes and no

If age is a concern then yes worth taking a loan out rather then saving and risking time

No as horrible paying me it off when failed

We have had 5 private cycles and 5th finally worked and 14w preg like freckles 'waves'

The first one we used savings. 2nd my parents paid for bless them. Neither had any left to freeze

We then had a break of a year or so to gather our emotions and work madly save and also put in credit cards

During this time also had 2 op's hystercopy and cirvical dilation which we paid for as NHS waiting list was 10/12mths and time wasn't on our hands

Did cycle 3 abroad and also the ops by same doctor who did ivf so he got to know my body inside out

Cost there was think £500 plus flights 300ish where private in uk £3.5k 😱😱😱

In all including op's flights and failed cycles we have spent £27k

Yes it's awful paying off a loan/cc for a failed cycle but the only way we could afford it

Saved like mad and paid it off and then did cycle 4&5 which were fef so cheaper and now cooking bubs and paid off all the loans

user1468929072 Sun 02-Oct-16 14:40:40

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Bibs2014 Mon 03-Oct-16 08:44:47

Congratulations to all the pregnant ladies, very pleased for you. smile

I already have a DS. Probably have enough money saved to pay for half then put the other half on a 0% credit card. We've said we'll do one round and if it doesn't work we'll stick with DS who we are happy with.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 03-Oct-16 09:12:19

Great you have half saved. Def helps

Good luck. Research clinics near you as well as abroad. Often cheaper even with flights and personally I think abroad technology and def freezing is miles ahead of uk - or least our uk clinic we did cycle 1&2 at

BipBippadotta Mon 03-Oct-16 09:22:03

Seconding Blondes' points about considering treatment abroad. There are some very well regarded clinics in the Czech Republic & in Athens and even with flights and time off they work out miles cheaper than the Uk, and often offer more personalised treatment. Many do packages of 3 cycles for the price of 2 as well. Best of luck to you!

welshweasel Mon 03-Oct-16 09:27:03

We were lucky enough to have savings we could use. One cycle, 10k, thankfully successful. We were told that IVF should be viewed as a 3 cycle process, in that the first cycle is almost seen as a trial run and a chance to work out what drugs work best for you, which doses etc. 3 cycles gives you your best chance of getting pregnant and the vast majority of people who IVF is going to be successful for will be pregnant by the end of 3 cycles. This is why so many clinics do a prepay 3 cycle package where you get most of your money back if you're not pregnant after the 3 cycles.

Ilovewillow Mon 03-Oct-16 09:30:51

Such a lovely idea Freckles! We had 3 rounds of IUI and 1 IVF followed by FET 5 yrs later! All were private and we funded partly from savings and some on credit cards. Good luck!

Blueroses99 Mon 03-Oct-16 09:46:16

Seconding welshweasels advice - which is why it's so frustrating that my local CGT offers only 1 NHS cycle instead of the recommended 3. I got pregnant on my second cycle (first private) and it definitely helped that they had the notes from the previous cycle to adjust the drugs based on my response. (I later lost my baby at 21wks due to reasons unrelated to IVF and at least have 2 more cycles to fall back on).

leccybill Mon 03-Oct-16 13:13:29

Why is treatment abroad so much cheaper?

mouldycheesefan Mon 03-Oct-16 13:17:30

Saved up, total cost £20k , 4 icsi cycles

Blue2014 Mon 03-Oct-16 13:26:19

Simply because our UK clinics overcharge Leccy. I went to Reprofit in Czech Republic. It was cheaper and way more advanced than my local clinic (am now 31 weeks from my first round)

Bibs2014 Mon 03-Oct-16 17:56:06

My first cycle failed, I got pregnant via FET. Going back to the same place who gave us DS as feel they know me and what works for me.

vcantle Mon 10-Oct-16 16:30:56

Hi all, your messages have encouraged me to reach out to fertility clinics abroad (Reprofit) thank you.
We are at a bit of a crossroads, unexplained infertility....laparoscopy that led to our 4 yr same again after 2 years of trying and no help from NHS. I've recently tried disgusting Chinese herbs (not for long) we try acupuncture?....can we save for IVF?.....or do we look at adoption? This clinic abroad looks like a good place to start.
I wish you all the very best in this very hard journey xxx

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 10-Oct-16 17:24:02

Some swear by acupuncture so worth a go

Blueroses99 Mon 10-Oct-16 20:55:32

I did acupuncture and lots of (pricey) supplements before my BFP via ICSI. Would I have got the same result without them? I'll never know for sure but I trusted that they would.

Bibs2014 Mon 10-Oct-16 22:04:54

I did acupuncture on the cycle which worked.

lotsoffreckles Tue 11-Oct-16 22:14:45

I did acupuncture on this cycle and it worked... who knows if it was the difference xx

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