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Rodent01 Wed 28-Sep-16 11:43:17


Anybody had any experiences with Create Health!??! I can't find a lot on the net and I know unhappy people normally take to the internet rather than happy ones, but I am having an apt next week to possibly start things off - I have pretty low AMH after breast cancer treatment......

I know I need to get involved to get replies and I will try - am very new to this all as my dd was conceived pre cancer and fairly trouble free!


sparechange Wed 28-Sep-16 18:01:17

I've had 3 rounds with Create. My first was in Wimbledon (before the St Paul's clinic was opened) and then the 2nd and 3rd with them in St Pauls.

I've also had rounds at Lister and Chelsea & Westminster, and so far, Create Wimbledon has been my 'favourite'. Or maybe 'least worst', because they are never nice!

The building is a bit odd and feels more like a job centre or dentist than somewhere doing advanced medical procedures, but they got the job done. The appointments ran more or less on time, and it is easy to get to by train or car.

The big advantage for me of Create over the other clinics is that you are only seen by doctors, who make the treatment decisions there and then. With the other 2 clinics I've been to, you see a sonographer, who does the measurements, then sends you back to the waiting room again, then you see a nurse, then you get a call sometime later in the day from a doctor. With C&W, I went 2 rounds without seeing a doctor once, apart from in the theatre before egg collection and transfer.

With Create, you get scanned by the doctor who tells you there and then what meds you need, or when you next need to be scanned and what blood tests you need. If the blood tests reveal any changes need to be made to your meds, they'll phone you and let you know.

And they got me pregnant twice, which is the main thing!

Rodent01 Wed 28-Sep-16 18:18:53

Thanks for taking the time to come and write! I know from driving past where is is - bit of a hovel, but like you say, it's not the swanky surrounds that matter, it's what they do!


MrsDarcy4092 Thu 29-Sep-16 09:34:55

I had no treatment there but my husband has a SA there and we went to and open day. I was really excited by the place on paper but for us the reality was very different. There were lots of problems sigh DH SA and we had to continually chase them for days for the same day results. When we went for the open day we were somewhat put off by the lab staff smoking outside in their scrubs and the rooms and corridors with equipment left laying and boxes piled high. We thought if this is how you keep your building how can we trust you with our embryo.
That was just our feeling though. It's definitely worth going to the open day which is free before you pay for an appointment, we found that really helped us to rule places in or out.

geeup Thu 29-Sep-16 17:57:01

Haven't cycles there but we did my DHs SA there twice. Both times we didn't get "same day" results on the say and had to chase for them. DH said the room where he had to make his "deposit" was a horrible cupboard. They also had to cancel an appointment we made with less than 24 hours. We wouldn't have enough confidence in their administration to cycle with them I'm afraid although I like the sound of what they say they offer.

MrsDarcy4092 Thu 29-Sep-16 20:36:43

That reminded me I did also book a fertility scan with them which they cancelled the day before which for us was the final straw

eurochick Thu 29-Sep-16 20:50:10

I have a mixed review. I liked their low drug approach and many of the Drs were lovely. And importantly, I did get pregnant there (twice in four natural/ mild rounds - 1 MC, 1 live birth). I hated the recovery room - it was so cramped there was no privacy. I also didn't like that on our first round they mentioned icsi for the first time ever when I was in recovery - for an extra charge. We declined. I felt that pushing that having never mentioned it while I was still woozy was pretty poor. It was never mentioned before or after. We were about to change clinic after our third round when on a whim I convinced my oh to squeeze in one more round there before Christmas, and it worked. TBH I hate medical stuff so I suspect I wouldn't have hugely positive things to say wherever we went! IVF was a very unwanted means to an end.

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