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TTC number 1 PCOS and hydra

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KazC76 Thu 22-Sep-16 08:14:05

Hi all

I'm new to this so just look for some advice.

We have been TTC number 1 for 10 years. but I have PCOS and hydrasalphinx (blocked tube) I have been under the fertility clinic but they will not entertain me because I am overweight, so I have been researching and looked into herbal medicines like serrepeptase, wild yam root and fertility message with castor oil.

Has anyone tried any of this or is there any thing else I could try? I am also doing the body coach diet but having just turned 40 I feel I'm running out of time .. TIA X

KazC76 Thu 22-Sep-16 21:14:36


bananafish81 Fri 23-Sep-16 09:10:36

Honestly if you are overweight the best you can do is to lose weight

PCOS is an endocrine disorder and my consultant says overweight women with PCOS are much easier to treat because in the majority of cases losing weight, eating low GL and taking metformin can regulate hormones and restore ovulation. And classic PCOS ladies are more likely to respond to clomid

Lean PCOS is harder to treat, because weight loss isn't appropriate, and we are more likely to be clomid resistant

If you have a hydro then it is not just the issue of a blocked tube but the spillage of the toxic liquid into the uterine cavity that is the problem

Honestly, supplements and castor oil packs aren't going to unblock a tube and restore ovulation. The supplement that will help is taking myo inositol, and asking your GP about metformin

I'm sorry to be so blunt but time is not on your side and realistically IVF is your best bet.

TammySwanson Fri 23-Sep-16 10:41:30

Echoing what banana said - I have PCOS and had to lost a bit of weight for in order to get clomid which didn't work (my problem wasn't lack of ovulation) but the losing of weight really helped me psychologically (to feel that I was doing something positive) and has improved my health and chances of conceiving successfully, I have no doubt. I know it's daunting but if you have no self control (like me) then maybe joining something with regular weigh-ins or some sort of self-accountability would help (I joined SW along with my DH). If you can get your partner on board then all the better. Some clinics will treat anyone up to BMI 35 privately (so it's ££ but means you have to lose less weight than NHS which is 30).

Also make sure you have a prescription for metformin if you don't already and look into Inositol, as banana said. Good luck!

KazC76 Fri 23-Sep-16 12:24:22

Thanks guys I am dieting and have lost a stone already so it's going in the right direction !! I haven't been to the GP in years regarding fertility as I felt they didn't listen .. maybe it's time to go back

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