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Paying private on NHS

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Hi everyone, my husband and I have decided to pay privately on NHS for ICSI. We had a bad experience with private clinic and for what they charge we could have had two rounds on NHS. Does anyone else have experience of this and how was it? We both feel that NHS isn't out to make a profit and everything is included in the price from blood tests, consultations etc were privately you were paying all the time for different tests etc. Any experiences would be gratefully appreciated.

Piscivorus Wed 21-Sep-16 11:59:17

Not sure if I am understanding your post but you cannot combine private and NHS treatment, it has to be wholly one or the other. Do you mean paying for private treatment via an NHS provider?

My only knowledge of this was a friend who thought she would be able to have all the drugs needed on NHS prescription and was surprised that she couldn't as the treatment was private so do remember to cost that in if appropriate.
Other than that, no idea but good luck

BiggerBoatNeeded Wed 21-Sep-16 12:19:14

Just to confirm above, you have to pay for the drugs separately from the cost of the treatment. The cost for drugs when we paid for treatment via the NHS was much cheaper than private clinics however.

The treatment was exactly the same as when we did our NHS round, no frills but clinically fine. Good luck with your treatment.

Thank you. I had seen that re meds. We had been to a private clinic and we thought we knew what we were paying then it was another £750 for extra meds. I never even made it past my first week of ICSI. We wish we had known about NHS before.Thank you for sharing your experiences and thank you for your kind words.

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