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IVF clinics recommendations - Kent

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Twowombstobin85 Wed 07-Sep-16 06:27:07


A colleague suggested I asked on here for any recent feedback on the following clinics which have been given to me as choices for my first round of IVF:

CARE Fertility Tunbridge Wells
BMI The Chaucer Hospital Canterbury

Any feedback about the service and treatment given, at either of these places, during IVF would be gratefully received.

Many thanks in anticipation 👍

MaddieH Wed 07-Sep-16 19:55:54


You must live very near to me as I was offered the same two clinics. BMI Chaucer was closer to me, but my consultant hinted that Care was better. Apparently lots of the consultants at Chaucer had recently left and consequently the waiting list was very long. Mind you, that was last December. We went with Care and have had a good experience there so far. We had one cycle, but it was cancelled as I didn't produce enough follicles and they didn't want me to waste one of my two NHS goes, which I appreciated. The were being really cautious to make sure I didn't over-stimulate, which is why I didn't produce enough follicles. Again, I really appreciated that, too. We then had a second round and that wasn't successful, unfortunately, but I don't feel that it didn't work because of anything Care did, we were just unlucky with that round. We're due another round at Care in a couple of months, so fingers crossed that works!

Do feel free to ask any specific questions, if you like. You're also very welcome to private message me, if it's easier.

Good luck!!! X

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 08-Sep-16 13:35:03

Also must live near me

I used care in T wells twice in 2014

At the time I thought they were good. I didn't know any different. Ec was horrendous and in so much pain

Both fresh cycles failed as as I'm private as DF has children from previous relationships we spent £12k

We then looked abroad as cheaper and the treatment and care and 100% attention to details was very diff from t wells - on our 5th try over all and 3rs abroad we finally hit the jackpot

I wish now we went striaght aboard and saved ourselves £12k

Or at least spent that money at our other clinic as their whole service was much better

And for me personally I wouldn't recommend them - sorry

Saying that to try and be fair. My friend went there Jan this year and NHS and she is due to pop next month

Twowombstobin85 Thu 08-Sep-16 20:59:13

Thanks ladies for the feedback, very helpful x

lotsoffreckles Fri 09-Sep-16 13:02:05

Hey Two.

Im based in Kent and saw Mr El Toukhy out of his satellite unit at the Spire Alexandra just outside Chatham, if you are near Chaucer then not that far.

I looked at Chaucer for this round but like Maddie I had heard bad reviews and I didn't gel with the consultant at all, however I was a private patient so could be picky.

MR ET is based at Guys & ST I can't recommend him and G&ST enough. I had all my initial appointments at Spire, egg collection etc was done at G&ST as well as all scans and bloods during treatment, however I work in London so this suited me, you may be able to do this at Spire too. This was my 3rd treatment, and Im now 11 weeks pregnant smile

I don't know how accessible London is for you but the ACU unit at Guys is amazing and I had a totally different experience this time around.

Good luck xx

Fazza1976 Mon 12-Sep-16 16:04:24

I've used Care TW for treatment and I couldn't fault them. Really relaxed clinic and all the staff are lovely. Have met lots of ladies who've used different clinics in Kent through the support group I go to and they mostly all love their clinics so I would recommend visiting them both and see how you feel. That's what I did and that's why I chose Care. X

sunshinegirl12 Wed 14-Sep-16 17:52:08

I'm also in Kent and have previously seen Mr El Toukhy at Spire, although haven't tried either of the 2 clinics mentioned. Tomorrow I'm off for a consultation at the London Womens Clinic in Canterbury, have heard mixed things but keeping fingers crossed. x

Twowombstobin85 Wed 14-Sep-16 18:32:13

Thanks everyone for all the advice, feedback and suggestions. I sent my paperwork off at the beginning of the week and have opted for Care. So fingers crossed. I hope everyone going through the same thing has the best of luck and I will be sending you all positive thoughts. Many thanks again xx

willma86 Wed 01-Feb-17 18:27:38

Hi everyone,

I have just had an appointment today to be referred to my local fertility clinic (also Kent). Chaucer is a bit far from us, but the consultant also said we could go to Guy's & Thomas'. So we need to choose between Guys & St T or CARE in TWells. I was just wondering how you were all getting on, and if you had any thoughts to either of the above?

Thanks so much and good luck to all xx

MrsT89 Tue 28-Mar-17 21:34:06

Hi willma86

I'm facing the same choice as you were between Care TW & Guys. If be interested in finding out which you choice and how it's going. Fingers crossed it's going well for you


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