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Secondary infertility - where do I start?

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misstiggiwinkle Sat 03-Sep-16 13:53:12

Hi all,

I have a beautiful 19mo DS and am desperate to give him a sibling. We have been ttc since Jan and I just get nothing.

1st time round I had a couple of chemical pregnancies and then once I really started tracking my cycle I got pregnant with DS. Probably took 5/6 months at most and at the beginning I had no idea when I ovulated and had very varying cycles (possible pcos).

Anyway, I kind of felt that this time we really knew what we were doing so to speak and so I waited until the smallest age gap is be comfortable with and then got cracking. Needless to say we hit my fertile window and ovulation every month but I get bfns every time. No hints of lines, nothing. My cycles have settled since being pregnant to 27-33 days and I've been temping, using preseed, monitoring everything etc. We Dtd every other day from the end of AF until a week after ovulation just in case.

Right, to the point. Basically I need a plan of what to do next. Ive had enough of 'oh well maybe next month' and want to take some action.

I went to the GP last month and mentioned that we were having no luck and she basically said you have one DS, nhs aren't interested.

What are my next steps. I have no friends that I know of who have needed any help and no one really to ask in rl.

I had a very long labour and emcs in the end with a stuck DS and I can't shake the feeling that it's got something to do with it.

Any advice on who to speak to, where to turn, what to research would be really helpful smile

Oysterbabe Sat 03-Sep-16 15:49:10

You've only been trying since January so a bit early to be worrying about infertility IMO. I believe the average time to conceive is 9 months.

Secretmetalfan Tue 06-Sep-16 22:02:24

If you only started Ttc in January it's still early days. But if you are over 35 they say seek help at 6 months. Quite frankly the nhs have been shit for me. Basically no help at all as I have a child. If you feel something isn't right and you have the cash look into private testing asap. Whilst you are supposedly allowed to have testing in the nhs it seems so much of s fight it's not worth it.

cluelessnewmum Sun 18-Sep-16 07:36:47

I could have written your post misstiggywinkle. I have been ttc for the same amount of time and my DS is the same age. I also had a difficult birth and emcs as DS got stuck.

If your periods vary from 27-33 days they are irregular, so the NHS should at least get you tested to see what's going on there.

This is what I've done so far - had a scan of my uterus + fallopian tubes through NHS - I we think you see them as periods have been irregular / v short or long cycles and are painful. Scan showed no issues which is a relief if you've had a c section.

I'm also In the process of getting hormone tests done, which I'm doing through bupa but bupa won't cover fertility treatment only the tests. Waiting for results / follow up appointment.

Made DS do a home sperm test, also fine.

I've also started taking a fertility vitamin supplement and whilst km not overweight /unhealthy I'm going to improve my diet.

Feel your pain though, I know we've not been trying for as long as alot of ppl here but my first child was conceived so easily I'm struggling to accept I'm in the situation where something might now be wrong. Hard when all my NCT lot who've got DC the same age are all pregnant now and keep asking me what I'm waiting for hmm

So that's what I'd do, try again with your gp but if not you might have to get the above done privately unfortunately. Good luck

PlayOnWurtz Fri 30-Sep-16 17:07:06

Your gp is wrong. I have a dc and dh doesn't. Our gp is happy to investigate the issues and refer to the clinics however our understanding is we won't be eligible for Ivf

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