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FET Sept/Oct

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Lolly2803 Fri 02-Sep-16 17:36:32

Hi ladies,
I am due to start an FET in Sept/Oct and wondered if anyone else was too?! Had my first cycle of IVF in August but due to fluid in my uterus and thin lining had to freeze everything. I seem to always have fluid mid cycle, including natural cycles. Very worried that it will always be a problem and will never get to use my embryos. Having a hysteroscopy the week after next to check incase anything in there but doc suspects not. Would be great to have a few buddies! xxx

Bear2014 Sat 03-Sep-16 06:39:14

Yes I am. Hi there! Should be starting my meds next week and transferring last week of Sept. Blastocyst is from same batch as our 2yo daughter. So far this year I have had a miscarriage in April and a failed cycle in July.

Lolly2803 Sat 03-Sep-16 10:02:49

Hey Bear2014, sorry to hear about the last 2 cycles - hopefully third time lucky. Great you seem to have lots in the freezer too. What is the process for your FET? I'm so excited to get started but then also so worried about this fluid and what will happen if we can't get rid of it and thicken up my lining xx

Bear2014 Sat 03-Sep-16 10:48:51

Sounds tricky but doesn't mean it won't resolve for next time. Fingers crossed. It's a short medicated protocol for me, Progynova from CD 2, then transfer CD 17-20 with Cyclogest pessaries. Only ever done fresh IVF and IUI so new territory for me. We have one 2AA blast and one early blast in the freezer so will try the best first (not risking twins).

Lolly2803 Sat 03-Sep-16 11:06:43

Sounds good though! They've said to me I'll start on Day 21. But can't remember what the actual process is!
It does sound difficult and it's so worrying. I had low ovarian reserve which was the reason for IVF. I seem to have fluid every cycle around ovulation and then it drains by itself but lining doesn't thicken enough. During my IVF cycle I wasn't responding well to stims but from that cycle I got 5 day 5 embryos in the freezer. I have;
3 Day 5 (4 AA, 4AB, 3BB)
2 Day 6 (5AB, 4BC)

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! xx

Bear2014 Sat 03-Sep-16 12:34:03

You've got some really good embryos there! I don't have low ovarian reserve but only got one 3-day embryo from one fresh cycle.

Lolly2803 Sat 03-Sep-16 15:24:30

I'm just hoping I get to actually use them!! It only takes one though so hopefully third time lucky. It's worked for you before so I'm sure it'll work again xx

bananafish81 Sat 03-Sep-16 17:08:54

I also have lining issues lolly - 5 blasts on ice sounds bloody brilliant, and definitely not the response of someone with diminished ovarian reserve!

I'm doing a FET, all being well will be having ET on Thu

Did a freeze all cycle in May so we could do PGS, and have had two FET cycles cancelled due to non responsive lining

First attempt was a medicated FET - didn't respond to pills or patches

Second attempt was an ovulation induction FET - ie trying a natural cycle FET, but as I don't have cycles, inducing ovulation with low dose stims - lining didn't thicken up

My lining has only ever thickened up in my fresh cycles - so this cycle have been in the ridiculous situation of doing a full round of stims, with egg collection (but not making any embryos) purely to grow my lining

We're particularly mindful of getting the uterine environment right, because my lining was iffy in my Jan IVF cycle - when I got a BFP but miscarried at 10w. Testing showed the foetus was chromosomally normal, so the problem was the soil, not the seed

Thankfully my lining has responded this time. Between stims, a Neupogen wash, vaginal viagra pessaries and extra oestrogen tablets, we managed to get my endometrium to thicken up! Had EC this morning and lining is looking good - will have one final lining scan on Wed to check we're absolutely confident we're OK to proceed (before anything gets thawed!)

Hoping this cycle is lucky for us all! Xx

Lolly2803 Sat 03-Sep-16 17:44:30

Banana wow!! You've been through so much, must have been a roller coaster and a half for you. Glad to hear that things finally seem to be coming right!! So pleased for you and fingers crossed your BFP is right around the corner.
My first cycle was so weird, they said DOR and I wasn't responding well to stimms. Was on high dose for max time and then did really well in the end!! The fluid always seems to be there mid cycle but then drains away itself. I can only think this is the reason I haven't fallen pregnant naturally as I do ovulate mid cycle - the time the fluid is there. My lining wasn't thickening because of the fluid and then had to freeze. Am hoping with the FET being a different process they might be able to time transfer at the time when the fluid isn't there and can just focus on thickening my lining? I'm having a hysteroscopy on the 13th just to check but Dr said she can't see anything on my scans. Just worrying so much I won't be able to get any further that this because of the stupid fluid!!

HelloMist Mon 05-Sep-16 15:52:33

I'll be watching this thread though I started a similar one so might not be able to keep up.

I'm doing FET at the moment too, been down regging and a baseline scan tomorrow.

Lolly those frosties are a good start! Despite the problem with your fresh cycle. I would think you must be down regulating from day 21 if D21 was mentioned, before you start hormones to build up your lining ready for a transfer.

Good luck Bear, banana!

Lolly2803 Mon 05-Sep-16 16:35:09

Hellomist - thanks for replying as well :-) yes they said day21 I would start. I didn't down reg for my fresh cycle so not sure what that'll feel like! Do you know when I'm FET you actually transfer, so what cycle day? Keep me posted as would love to hear about your experience! I've only told my parents about this process so don't really have anyone else to talk to other than my OH and he doesn't always understand bless him! Best of luck with your FET xxx

HelloMist Mon 05-Sep-16 17:06:14


Down reg could cause hot flushes, headaches etc but you may be lucky and not feel too bad. I've been tired and a bit irritable but otherwise OK! I was similar last time (did it in successful full fresh IVF cycle - I now have a 1.5 yo.)

I was originally told it would be about 8 weeks from Day 1 (before down reg) until transfer, though it might vary by clinic and with how you respond to each bit. That's a rough idea for long protocol.

My OH is a bit fed up of me talking about it, so it's good we have Mumsnet!

Lolly2803 Mon 05-Sep-16 17:33:57

8 weeks for FET?! Wow I wasn't expecting that. I'm a bit confused about the protocol and timings I don't actually know what the process is. They gave me a fact sheet but it sounded very short and simple so not really full of details. I am hoping if I am down regging then my "mid cycle fluid" won't come as am I right in saying that my hormone levels won't ever be as they are mid cycle for FET process? I'm struggling with staying positive at the moment - mainly due to the fluid worry!!

Bear2014 Tue 06-Sep-16 06:05:13

Good luck to all! I'm sure every clinic does things slightly differently. My AF arrived with gusto overnight so I should be PUPO in 20 days or less, yikes!

Lolly2803 Tue 06-Sep-16 07:14:16

How exciting Bear2014! It will go really fast I hope. I think when you have something to do every day the time passes by but when you're just waiting it's torture! Keep us posted on how you're getting on. xxx

Bear2014 Tue 06-Sep-16 12:03:07

Lolly - I know! It doesn't seem like long at all. My 2 year old keeps me pretty busy thankfully, it's a good thing at this stage, less so when I'm trying to take it easy in the 2WW ;o) Hope things go quickly for you too.

Lolly2803 Tue 06-Sep-16 12:11:11

Ha I can imagine! I've got my hysteroscopy next week. Then a week of nothing and then start FET the week after that - getting there! The waiting is THE worst. All I'm doing is worrying and wondering. X

HelloMist Tue 06-Sep-16 23:00:51

Lolly, as Bear says, each clinic is slightly different. Could you ring yours and ask them? or discuss the protocol and the fluid issue properly when you see doctor next week. I hope this cycle will be different. I've found the waiting parts very hard too, second guessing and googling too much!

Bear I'm doing long protocol but sounds like our ET could be the same week! Can you let me know how you find progynova? I'm about to start it and haven't taken it before. Do they keep you on it during 2ww (and beyond if you get bfp?)

Banana good luck for your scan tomorrow!

Lolly2803 Wed 07-Sep-16 07:10:55

HelloMist - I am going to ask them when I go in next week. I feel like I understand when they tell me but then I forget as I'm so worked up about it all!
With the fluid there is a few things they are trying including the hysteroscopy as a start. So we just have to try and see. It does drain itself but I think it's hormone related which is why it's always same time each month - mid cycle. Am hoping as FET doesn't involve any stimulation then I could be OK? But who knows!! The waiting and wondering is torture! Trying to fill my time with going to the gym and planning stuff for the weekends to make it go quicker!

How is everyone doing today? Any updates from you Banana? xxx

bananafish81 Wed 07-Sep-16 07:58:33

Lolly good luck with the appt - keep us posted! Great to have the hysto before the FET, am sure you'll get a 10/10 trip advisor rating on your baby room! Can they aspirate the fluid before transfer if it did pop up (if it's hormonal rather than spillage from a hydrosalpinx or similar)

RE : long / short protocol, most clinics seem to do long protocol FET, although others don't - it really varies. We tried a short protocol FET - ie no down regging, just starting oestrogen straight off a period. The oestrogen blocks ovulation in 95% of cases, and as I don't have cycles anyway there was no risk of breakthrough ovulation. Some clinics prefer to eliminate any element of doubt and to down regulate first for all medicated FET, to ensure there's absolutely no chance of any leading follicles developing.  The other option is a fully natural FET, which is no drugs at all, just catching the implantation window in your own natural cycle. My Dr said in an ideal world he likes to do natural FET, but that's not an option for me for many reasons! After our attempt at medicated FET (short protocol) was cancelled, we had a crack at a sort of natural FET - ie inducing ovulation with some low dose stims, and trying to grow my lining with my own natural oestrogen. Sadly although I got 4 juicy follicles, it sadly wasn't enough (even with oestrogen tablets on top) to grow my lining enough to proceed to transfer. 

Hello how did you get on at baseline

I've been on progynova loads and always been fine, some people have headaches but I've been OK. Currently on 2mg x 3 times daily. Hopefully you'll find it a breeze! I took it last time, during my fresh cycle in Jan, and took it up until 10w. If this one takes then I'd keep taking it as well. 

bear great news about AF, when is your first lining scan?

Final lining check today @ 5pm. Normally you'd not have a scan after you've started progesterone, but given my issues, consultant wants to give it a final once over before we thaw anything! Started Cyclogest and Lubion on Sunday, hoping it's fluffing up nicely 🙏 We're doing an immunes protocol so I've also started prednisolone, and will add in Clexane and baby aspirin on Fri (day after ET). At least with Lubion it's a subcutaneous injection rather than the evil Gestone bum jabs!!

Lolly2803 Wed 07-Sep-16 08:35:28

Banana all sounds like it's finally going well for you! So exciting! Fingers crossed for the final scan - let us know how you get on.

They can aspirate the fluid but they don't like to go into that area before transfer really as they don't want to disturb the lining. It also seems it's more than just the fluid it's my lining thickening up which also needs to happen and wasn't really much when the fluid was there. I'm hoping the medicated FET will shut down the hormone that causes this fluid but I don't know if that even happens it's just me telling myself that to give me hope!
Love the 10/10 trip advisor rating idea! In a way I hope they find something tiny and can fix it so the fluid never comes back - that seems easier to treat than a hormonal issue. Don't want to waste my embryos putting them back into dodgy soil. I'm so excited to start up again though. Thank goodness it's close or I think I'd have a breakdown!!

Talking on here really helps. It's quiet a lonely process all this! xx

Bear2014 Wed 07-Sep-16 08:40:39

Mist - I'll be starting Progynova today I think. I took it 3 years ago for DD - we used my partner's eggs so it was essentially a fresh, donor cycle. I felt fine on it.

Banana - thank you, scan is today. Hope you manage to plump your lining up nicely with all that. I'm fairly confident about this cycle. My failed ones this year have all been down to my awful egg quality but this embryo is my partner's egg again (same batch as DD). I've been doing all the CoQ10 etc on the offchance we do another fresh but really hope it won't come to that.

Lolly - never been a mention of down regging in any of my cycles. I don't think my clinic does it in a lot of cases.

Have a good day allsmile

Lolly2803 Wed 07-Sep-16 11:50:33

Do any of you lovely ladies know any good supplement for helping lining? I've been taking coq10, vitamin e & c and Royal Jelly. Are those still ok? Is there anything I can add?
I've also been taking aspirin daily. xxx

bananafish81 Wed 07-Sep-16 11:56:57

Lolly I took 6g l-arginine and 1000iu vitamin E for lining, a few studies showed they helped with uterine blood flow

I'm not due to start aspirin until after ET, as consultant didn't want to risk any chance of the catheter irritating the endometrium and causing a bruise that could affect implantation, so I don't start Clexane and aspirin until Friday

Bear congrats on your DD. A friend and her wife did reciprocal IVF, we fell pregnant about the same time. Sadly I miscarried @ 10w but not long till their baby is due. I gave her a Gestone injection as her wife was away overnight and she couldn't psyche herself up to do it herself. Next day she got her BFP - we laughed that I had her bent over the dining table with her knickers down and she got knocked up!grin

Email to confirm ET is at 1300, pending any last min shocks at this afternoon's scan....

Lolly2803 Wed 07-Sep-16 11:59:49

Banana is that 1300 today?!! Omg!!! How are you feeling? xx

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