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Jenga0808 Mon 29-Aug-16 21:54:51

I haven't posted on here before but am feeling the anxiety building and building and am going to have to let it out before I explode.
DH got his semen analysis results back last month and they weren't good (2.7mil). He's sent him for a second test but it's not until the end of September!
The waiting is driving me crazy. We're still obviously going to keep trying but the constant dreams that I'm pregnant and everyone around me falling pregnant are just really starting to get to me.
Has anyone used a private clinic just for sperm analysis? Is it worth us doing that it should I just hold out until the end of September?
Thanks for the rant smile

NotSpartacus Tue 30-Aug-16 06:25:36

You should wait until September. Sperm takes around 72 days to mature, so that will give time for any differences to become apparent.

In the meantime, if he isn't already, get him on multivitamins for male fertility, zinc and vitamin C. Also, get him to (ahem) release some every 3 - 4 days.

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