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Tatis86 Fri 26-Aug-16 18:01:01

I thought ill post our story here. Really hoping to get some advice. We have been trying to conceive for 15 months and we've had no joy. No success. In fact I'm doubting we will ever be parents.

Ive been charting BBT and ovulation since January of this year so have a good idea of how my cycle behaves. Its pretty constant. 29 days long and I ovulate on day 12.

The past 15 months ive had two chemical pregnancies. One had implantation bleeding and symptoms for 3 days and then nada. Symptoms from sore breasts, nausea, back ache and cramps. The second was the same type of symptoms without the implantation bleeding but the final result the same.

After the second chemical pregnancy we went to the doctor and he sent us for scans and tests. This was a week after the chemical pregnancy and they couldn't even see the gestation sac, which was worrying but the doctor had no worries and just said keep trying. I think he just dismissed all of my symptoms and implantation bleeding as normal period when it was 10 days before it was due.

Now this time. 2 days before ovulation we had sex and the day of. My BBT rose (98.8) and has stayed risen. I'm now 15 days past ovulation with high BBT and still BFP. I also had 4 days of symptoms the same as before then nothing I feel completely normal. Ive felt normal ever since. I'm worried that this is another chemical pregnancy - 3rd!! :-(

My husband has been checked and he is good. What it looks like is the egg takes to the sperm, implants and it goes no further than that. Could this be a hormone imbalance? What have other couples experienced?

I'm really starting to lose hope here. It painful for us month after month for so long to keep getting the BFP.

Tatis86 Fri 26-Aug-16 18:06:37

BFP should be BFN :-)

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