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youngdollhopes37 Fri 26-Aug-16 15:23:59

Ladies, my day 2 results have came back the following

Fsh level 11.5
Lh level 6.9
Progesterone 1.6
Oestradiol level 72

Are these good or bad? (Confused) my ovarian reserve is sitting at 1, just wondering whether to keep hopeful that ivf would be successful without using an egg donor?

NotSpartacus Fri 26-Aug-16 20:37:25

The FSH is a bit high and suggests that your body is working harder than normal to develop a follicle. I am not sure what you mean when you say your ovarian reserve is 1 - do you mean your AMH level? Not sure about the rest of your results. How old are you?

youngdollhopes37 Fri 26-Aug-16 22:39:09

Think ovarian reserve is the same as amh. I'm 36.

bananafish81 Fri 26-Aug-16 23:58:36

Ovarian reserve is a combination of three measures : AMH, antral follicle count and FSH.

AMH is the hormone that is an indicator of ovarian reserve but it's not the only factor

youngdollhopes37 Sat 27-Aug-16 00:24:23

Bananafish81 do you think my levels are good/ bad, I've only had my second appointment and very confused by it all x

bananafish81 Sat 27-Aug-16 05:26:50

As Spartacus has said, the FSH is a little on the high side - they like it to be under 10. FSH has a lot of inter cycle variability - so isn't a v useful measure on its own. AMH is much more stable and hence is used as a better indicator

If your AMH is 1 then that is very low - still possible to get pregnant, but it suggests you will be a poor responder to ovarian stimulation. However it is only a measure of egg quantity - not egg quality, and the best test for that is your age. And it is quality that counts!

Chattycat78 Sat 27-Aug-16 21:48:49

Just to second what Bananafish has said- yes your fsh is a bit high evict implies low ovarian reserve. This doesn't mean u can't get pregnant but it does mean you may respond badly to the Ivf drugs. However what determines getting pregnant or not is egg quality not egg quantity and there is no official test for this. My fsh was 12 back in 2013 and I've been pregnant 3 times since then- I now have 2 little boys (one pregnancy didn't work out unfortunately).

youngdollhopes37 Sat 27-Aug-16 23:57:18

Thanks for your help I'm trying to stay positive until next appointment I've started taking pregncare vitamins and co enzyme. Chattycat78 sorry to hear about your loss X

blue2014 Sun 28-Aug-16 10:41:33

I also have low AMH (under 1) but wanted to say it's quality not quantity, we got 3 eggs, 2 fertilised and one made my current pregnancy. I would never ever have believed there was a chance of pregnancy on such low numbers but there can be.

Good luck

bananafish81 Sun 28-Aug-16 10:45:09

Also chatty congratulations on the birth of your son!!

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