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21 Day Bloods

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SicknessStillness Mon 22-Aug-16 09:35:10

Hi - looking for some advice. Recently had 21 day bloods done, just as a formality as DP has a known issue that were being referred for. They've come back 'raised' - that's all my doctors were willing to tell me. I need to have them redone 7 days before my next cycle. What's this likely to mean?! I'm panicking a bit!

WootyWoo Mon 22-Aug-16 13:43:04

I think raised is good in relation to day 21 bloods as they are checking your progesterone has risen following ovulation (30 and above is confirmation of ovulation).
Perhaps the blood test missed your spike and just caught it on the way up or down and your doctor wants another test to confirm.
Sometimes doctors think the less info imparted to the patient the better but it just raises more questions! Probably nothing to worry about at all.

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