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Clomid - How many mature follicles did you have?

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sheikhandbake Tue 16-Aug-16 15:04:54

So for my first and second round of Clomid I was taking 50mg and only had one developed follicle per cycle (although it they have been in the healthy 19/20mm range).

I'm now on my last day of round three where the dose has been upped to 100mg and I'm back at the clinic on Monday for a scan - should I expect there to be more than one follicle this month?

I'm a bit worried that its unusual for there to be just one follicle as it means there are less opportunities for us to be successful each month and obviously there is a time limit on how log you can take Clomid for.

SuperUnicorn Sat 27-Aug-16 12:58:47

Hello, I started on 100 clomid and I only grew one follicle. My clinic were ok with this and said to carry on at 100mg. How did you get on at your scan?

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