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Ttc #2 with clomid?

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Fuzzyduck21 Sun 14-Aug-16 00:46:33

Ds1 was conceived with clomid. We were thinking of trying for number 2 but I'm worried it will be difficult getting referred again and they will just tell me I need to be trying for a year first. I am on the progesterone only pill as my consultant recommended it due to increased risk of osteoporosis due to not ovulating and went on this about 6 months after birth and didnt ovulate during those 6 months that I wasn't on any birth control so don't think anything has changed after having ds. Anyone been in a similar situation? Ive had all the tests and scans and they can see my ovaries weren't 'normal' or working properly before I was prescribed clomid but I'm worried they'll still say I need to come off the pill and wait a year. Help smile

Fcukthetww Thu 18-Aug-16 15:18:38

I had the same issue with my doctors- ttc #2. Our dd is now 13 (I'm 34) and we'd tried naturally for 18 months, had semen analysis and all the bloods done, ultrasounds and mri scan of pelvis with contrast dye and no issues present other than that I'm not ovulating each month, sometimes I do and sometimes nothing. The GP has been not very supportive in terms of referring us to a fertility clinic and we can't afford a full course of ivf/ iui etc privately. In the end I've resorted to getting a private prescription for a 3 month course of Clomid and I'm hoping that does the trick.

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