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TTC for 18 months or more. Moving onto iui/ivf/icsi.

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lucieloos Thu 11-Aug-16 12:27:28

We have relocated from the conception board where we were previously chatting under the thread 'ttc for 10 months or more'. A lot of us are now long term ttc-ers and are going through infertility treatment or looking to take steps in this direction so we feel this might be a more suitable home for us!

Feel free to stop by and say hi and hopefully we can share the journey together and make it a little easier along the way!

MPP81 Thu 11-Aug-16 13:02:30

Thanks for the shiny new thread Lucie!

lucieloos Thu 11-Aug-16 13:06:27

Hey MPP no problem lovely to see you here smile

stealthbanana Thu 11-Aug-16 14:10:20

lucie just wanted to say that I really hope you are wrong, but if you're not that I'm sorry to hear it's bfn. You deserve some luck soon, and I'm sure it'll happen for you eventually. Look after yourself flowers

maplebaby Thu 11-Aug-16 14:10:34

Yay thanks Lucie smile place marking xx

Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Thu 11-Aug-16 14:13:47

Hi, joining in if I may. TTC since march 2014, one MMC after 2 months. All tests fine. Can't start any treatment til DPs divorce is finalised as legally it's not allowed here, hoping it will be here in the next couple of weeks (they separated more than 5 years ago and we met september 2011 so we've been waiting a while!!) and then we can start IUI in September. Going to enjoy my brothers wedding end of August as a bit of a last hoorah before hopefully months of sensibleness!

friends123 Thu 11-Aug-16 15:20:11

Hi ladies,
We have our first appointment at the IVF clinic on the 20th September. Its took years to get to this point and now it's all happening so quick. Wish everyone luck wink

MrsRen Thu 11-Aug-16 17:13:04

Thanks lucie :-)

sammylou1 Thu 11-Aug-16 17:28:59

Thank you Lucie, and welcome newbies!

star1980 Thu 11-Aug-16 17:37:47

Thanks for the new thread Lucie 😊

A little intro for the newbies...

Star80, 35 (36 next Sunday. Eek), ttc since November 2014. 'Mild' male factor (low motility, borderline count and morphology). Just finishing three cycles of ovulation induction (Clomid plus hcg trigger) and moving onto IVF with icsi in October hopefully.

Hi friends! who I know from the mfi thread and welcome Greaterthan

MPP81 Thu 11-Aug-16 17:50:13

Hi Friends and Greaterthan! Welcome!

My intro - MPP81, 34 (just about), cycle number whothehellknowsanymorebutIthinkitsabout26. MF. Currently 5dp5dt in the IVF (with ICSI) 2ww.

Right, I'm having a bit of a panic, and I apologise in advance for tmi blush I would never divulge this anywhere but here (and to DH who I just cried down the phone to).
I fell asleep an hour ago. Had a, ahem, naughty dream in which I had an orgasm. Woke up mid O to find I was ACTUALLY having one! Wtaf! I'm worried because we're not supposed to dtd or anything. Anyone know if this could affect our chances of success this cycle? DH has told me not to worry, its not like I could help it but I'm scared!

RoseBud2016 Thu 11-Aug-16 18:06:29

Hi all, I'm also going to join you if that's ok?

I recognise some 'faces' from other threads- Lucie from FF, Sammy from the buses a looooong time ago, and Stealth 1 of my fantastic threesome buddies. smile <waves like a loon>

My intro for those who don't know:

32, TTC since Sept 2014, male factor (low count and morphology), severe PCOS, 2 losses since Feb with one resulting in an ERPC 4 weeks ago at 8 weeks. Looking to do a second FET at Reprofit in October with full immunes added.

Sammy HUGE congratulations on your twinnies pregnancy! You have had such a long journey- it's so encouraging when I see old buses ladies having success.

MPP This happened to me during my first IVF cycle 2ww! blushMaybe it's a thing?! I'm sure it's fine but i know that during the 2ww everything becomes such a worry.

Not long now Friends The countdown is on.

Greater Whereabouts do you live? I'm presuming not in the UK?

maplebaby Thu 11-Aug-16 18:20:03

Welcome greater and rose and hello to friends who I know from the IUI thread!

As everyone else is doing intros:

TTC #1
Cycle 18
Currently in tww following first IUI with clomid - 2 more IUI's (hopefully with injectibles and oestrogen next) then will look at IVF.
Unexplained / thin lining just discovered although suspected for a while - docs think it was the clomid but I think otherwise!

MPP I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but understand the anxiety xx

Itsme247 Thu 11-Aug-16 18:34:11

TTC #1
Cycle: a million
Currently 6 weeks following first round of ICSI (male factor) waiting for viability scan on Tuesday
Zero pregnancy symptoms
Mild OHSS (still suffering)
#2 blasts in freezer

welcome all newbies and airry to see you here, but this thread saved my sanity on this long and horrible journey!

Itsme247 Thu 11-Aug-16 18:34:21


Borisisback Thu 11-Aug-16 18:42:28

Placematking to stalk you all flowers and chocolate all round.

Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Thu 11-Aug-16 18:53:44

Thanks for the welcome! I'm in Switzerland which is an advantage in some ways because everything is private so short waiting times and very good service, but the 'he must be divorced before starting treatment' was a bit of surprise!! I'm 37 so we need to get a bloody move on!

sammylou1 Thu 11-Aug-16 18:55:04

Thank you Rose.

Have been ttc for 2.5 years and currently 8 weeks pregnant with identical twins following our third embryo transfer from IVF.

It's very early days so I'm sticking around here, plus I can't leave all my friends!

lucieloos Thu 11-Aug-16 19:46:33

Yay this is nice all doing intros! Welcome greater and friends and a big hi to rosebud.

Male factor (& low AMH)
TTC 3 years
Just had 3rd IVF transfer. Previous 2 were bfn and bfp but ectopic! 7dp5dt today and bfn so not too hopeful. Have 5 frosties at the moment, 2 of which are currently undergoing PGS testing! One other already tested normal!

Phew that was a mammoth intro!

MPP81 Thu 11-Aug-16 20:38:57

Thank you, Rosebud and Maple. Rosebud, I have done extensive a bit of googling and have discovered it actually is a thing! I'm still a little worried as, since this afternoon, I've had light but very persistent cramps. I am also cycling at reprofit btw, after hearing great things from Lucie and Boris. This is our first cycle and I have a HB on board and 3 frosties waiting in Czech.

Greater, that's interesting (and irritating for you, I'm sure) about having to wait til your DP is divorced. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon for you.

Lucie, when will you test again?

lucieloos Thu 11-Aug-16 20:48:03

Mpp, that's all sounding very positive! Cramping is a classic sign of bfp. I was convinced af was about to arrive last time! I wouldn't worry about the orgasm thing at all. People have orgasms all the time when they don't realise they are pregnant.

Yes I will test again maybe on Saturday too!

Hope2409 Thu 11-Aug-16 21:35:44

Hello everyone, would it be ok if i joined in too?

31 (nearly 32)
TTC for 3.5 years
Male factor
Due to start first round of IVF/ICSI in October.


LemonDrizzler Thu 11-Aug-16 22:38:58

Hi everyone! I'm 33, TTC 3 years. Unexplained. Still waiting (endlessly) to start IVF and feeling quite glum about the whole thing. Hopefully once we get going I'll start to feel more hopeful.

Hope everyone is ok. Thanks for the new thread Lucie!

maplebaby Fri 12-Aug-16 09:12:47

Welcome hope!

Lemon remind me were you waiting for NHS funding? Hope you get some news soon!

Happy Friday everyone!

LemonDrizzler Fri 12-Aug-16 09:30:27

Yes you have to be trying 3 years where I am to be eligible for NHS funded. We are seeing the consultant again on Monday and hoping he has everything he needs to refer us. They seem to need a new/repeated test every time we go which pushes things back. Just want to get going!

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