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Clomid help please :-(

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MrsA8 Wed 10-Aug-16 16:43:59

Hi, I'm new to this site.

I'm trying to conceive baby #2. I have a diagnosis of PCOS and do no ovulate on my own.

When trying for Baby #1 I underwent 6 months of Metformin with little effect and conceived on my first round of clomid 50mg.

This time round, my doctor went straight in with clomid.
Round 1 - of 50mg = no ovulation.
Round 2 100mg = 21 day progesterone test got lost so no results. Had a cycle length of 29 days
Round 3 100mg = 21 progesterone test 28.5. My doctor said this was ok and told me to continue with 100mg. This was again a 29 day cycle.
Round 4 100mg - 21 progesterone test was 2.5 so negative.

My question is can you become resistant to clomid. Clomid has been successful for me once so that's why I'm unsure what is going on.

Is there any one who has been in a similar situation who can give any advice I would be very grateful. Thank you

MrsA8 Thu 11-Aug-16 15:41:27

Anyone? x

RoseBud2016 Thu 11-Aug-16 17:51:58


I don't think you can become resistant to Clomid- you either are resistant (like me) or you aren't (like you)
What can happen though with PCOS is that other hormones and issues linked to PCOS can cause clomid to become less effective; particularly insulin resistance. The best way to solve that problem, other than to be very careful with what you eat, is to take metformin.

Is it worth going back to your doctor and asking to take metformin alongside clomid next cycle? Lots of PCOS sufferers take both together.

As your doctor prescribed it to you before there should be no problem with doing so again.

Good luck!

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