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Hsg tests privately

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nicky883 Wed 03-Aug-16 14:18:23

Hi all ,
I want to get an hsg test done privetly as i dont really "use" my gp and usually do all my gynecological tests (smear etc) when i go back home(dofferent country) and see my gynecologist
I have phoned a couple of private hospitals to have the hsg test done as i have done all the other tests in my gynecologist back home
They have said that i need to get a gp referal to do that . I dont undestand why as i am doing this to avoid going through the nhs
My question is if every hospital/clinic need a gp referal for this kind of test ? And how do i get the referal do i just book an appoitment with the gp telling them i need a referal to get the test done privately ?

Dozer Wed 03-Aug-16 14:22:39

Do you mean the one where they put dye into your fallopian tubes/uterus?

I had it done by a brilliant, kind radiologist doctor at st mary's, paddington, privately, as part of tests following several miscarriages. I self referred to the miscarriage clinic. I'd had some tests done on the NHS and the fertility specialist doc I saw first recommended this one and some more blood tests.

I think initially you'd probably need to try to self refer to a gynacologist at your chosen clinic, who would need to see you and consider your situation and advise on appropriate tests.

Dozer Wed 03-Aug-16 14:23:26

But yes you can see your GP and ask for a referral to the clinic you'd like: your GP might charge for the letter.

nicky883 Wed 03-Aug-16 14:48:13

Thank you dozer ! I called my the provate hospital but they didnt say anything about self referal ? Does that mean booking a consultation before the actual test ?

Dozer Wed 03-Aug-16 14:51:05

Yes, booking a consultation directly rather than the usual way which is a GP letter. Many private docs are fine with this. A doctor, usually a hospital specialist not a GP (in the UK at least) needs to advise/ask colleagues to perform the test after considering your specific situation and any info already available, eg previous tests.

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