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star2787 Wed 03-Aug-16 07:27:12

Hi I'm a 29 yr old with a 10 yr child me and my partner have Been trying for baby number 2 for 8 yrs no probs conceiving our daughter. I went to the doctors had bloods all ok that was about 18months ago so me and my partner decided to have a break for 2 years ( taking no contraceptives) and do something for us as the Baby situation was starting to push our relationship so we are getting married this Christmas then have decided to get the ball rolling again in these 18 months o have noticed hair growing on my chest my periods are now 22-26 days my hormones are awful I'm a walking hormonal ticking time bomb. Should I seek doctors opinion don't want to feel I'm wasting there time as don't want to get pregnant before my wedding as we are going abroad for it any advice would be greatly appreciated

RebeccaNoodles Wed 03-Aug-16 21:24:24

Hi - sorry you feel rough. Definitely see your doctor, you need to check all those hormonal changes out. It's probably nothing serious - sounds like polycystic ovary syndrome maybe which is v common - but please don't take my word for it, see the GP! You won't be wasting their time, it's important. And you can explain you want to delay conception - honestly I'd use contraception for that. 29 is young in fertility terms so try not to panic (easy to say I know). Good luck. smile

HelloMist Wed 03-Aug-16 22:31:35

Rebecca's advice is good! there may be tests to do, results and admin can take time and there could be waiting lists for treatment (if needed) so it could be good to get things started. Perhaps there will be something the GP can do to help you feel better ready for the wedding and honeymoon as well.

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