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MaybeBaby77 Tue 02-Aug-16 16:38:06

My husband and I started the painfully long journey to be referred for IVF just before Christmas 2015. 8 months later, we still haven't had our funding approved (not that there's a problem - we just seem to have been to so many preliminary appointments) and I'm starting to feel a little despondent.
Is there anyone else out there in a similar situation? It feels hard to keep going with it all, sometimes sad

friends123 Tue 02-Aug-16 21:25:33

Hi Maybebaby,
I'm sorry I can't help you with your question. We have just been referred for IVF also, I've just filled all the forms in for the initial appointment. I honestly didn't realise that it can take so long for funding. I hope you hear somthing soon, can you not ring them to chase them.? (sorry if that's a silly suggestion.) I just thought when you went to the initial appointment you just got going as long as you passed the test. oops.

Hope2409 Tue 09-Aug-16 20:44:22

Hi Maybebaby,
I'm afraid I can't help with why it has taken so long for your funding to be approved, I know that everywhere is different but here is my story if it helps!
My husband and I finally had our funding approved in June this year after waiting just over 2 years. We have been ttc for over 3 years, both of us are 31. We went to the GP after a year as we had had no luck, we were sent for tests then referred due to male factor issues. After getting over the shock that IVF was the only way forward for us we applied for funding with our local CCG only to be refused funding as we covered all but one of their criteria which was that we hadn't been trying long enough, in our area they state you have to be over 30 and been trying for 3 or more years. We tried appealing but got refused again. We couldn't afford to go privately so have had to wait another painful 2 years plus to apply for funding again. Thankfully it has now been approved. We are due to start our first round of IVF with ICSI in October.

It has been a long, hard and emotional journey so far and I am excited to be getting somewhere at last but terrified at the same time. The waiting sucks and it feels like every aspect of your life is on hold whilst everyone around you carries on. All my friends are pregnant or have babies, no one I know understands what it is like and it certainly does feel hard to keep going with it all at times but somehow we just do because we want a baby so much that keeps us going I guess!

I really hope that you hear back soon as I know how frustrating the wait can be!


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