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TTC with PCOS. Ovulation Tests and Agnus Castus?

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user1469658806 Sat 30-Jul-16 16:54:10

Hi, I'm a 22 year old and me & my boyfriend (seems weird calling him that but partner seems too formal) are TTC. I have PCOS and have previously miscarried twice- November 2013 and April 2014. The first was due to contracting the milder form of menningitus and I didn't even know i was pregnant until I was rushed into hospital. The second was another fluke, I didn't even think it was possible to get pregnant that soon, and the doctor said that these things happen. It was at 7 weeks. My boyfriend has two children by his ex.

At my last scan after first miscarriage they confirmed that I am ovulating but I do have substainal cysts on my ovaries.

After miscarriage number two in April 2014 I want on the pill until January 2015 when I had my implant put in. I had it removed in March of this year and, had a period within a few days and since then I've had two periods- cycle one ended on day 25 and the period was only 4 days. Cycle two lasted 71 days and the period was 9 days long. I'm now on day 21 (including period). I started tracking my ovulation vaguely in cycles one and two to no avail so since the start of this one I've been taking two ovulation tests a day. Apparently I still haven't ovulated.

Now in my research I've come across a supplement called Agnus Castus that supposedly helps regulate ovulation. Does anyone have any success stories of using it? I'm sure that if I were to ovulate there wouldn't be a problem given mine and his history but I just have no idea when this is going to happen.

Also what ovulation tests do others use? I just pick up cheap ones because I use one a day but I'm curious to know if there's a noticeable difference in accuracy amongst different brands.

Lots of love, M xx

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