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Changing CCGs to one that offers more cycles

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cluecu Wed 27-Jul-16 12:17:47


Just posting for advice to see if anyone has done this.

I am at the beginning of my ICSI journey (first injection was this morning) and I am under a CCG that offers 1 cycle.

If this cycle doesn't work, what would happen if I were to move GPs or house to an area that offers more cycles? Surely everyone would do this so I am assuming that they would say no, but would they?

My mum lives in an area that offers 3 and it would be easy for me to get to a GP there for example. Also, I am pretty sure someone has told me that you can apply to whichever GP you want regardless of where you live (you just have to hope that they can accept you?)

All input gratefully received smile

delilahbucket Sat 30-Jul-16 19:13:55

This is something I am looking into although I'm stumped. The next county over would offer us free ivf, our current one won't offer any. I also have a mum in that county. Most gp surgeries only allow you to join if you are within a specific catchment. The only time I have known someone be at a different surgery to their catchment was an old friend who sued her current gp and felt it necessary to change. She was still local to the new surgery. So while you can apply, you would have to have a good reason for them to accept you.
We can't afford to moving house, we've only recently moved and this our forever home. It would be no cheaper for us to move than it would be to pay for icsi. So the only option is to unofficially move. I don't know how that would work.

cluecu Wed 26-Oct-16 11:54:41

I wanted to post an update on this...

My ICSI cycle failed sad however I decided to change GPs to one under a differenct CCG (one which allows 3 cycles as opposed to mine which offered 1) and I am now back in the process and eligible for 2 more.

I didn't have to even see the GP, all the paperwork just came through so I strongly recommend checking other CCGs where you may be able to register as a patient as this could save me thousands of pounds and has given me some hope.

delilahbucket Sun 06-Nov-16 08:50:40

Im sorry to hear your first cycle failed cluecu. Did you have to "move house" to change gp?

cluecu Sun 06-Nov-16 11:46:53

Thanks Delilah sad

No i rang three GPs in my local area (i live close to two different CCG borders) and on of them said I could register as an out of area patient.

I then got a letter from hospital to say i could have another try...turns out i can actually have TWO more now I'm under a different ccg. shock

delilahbucket Sun 06-Nov-16 21:22:05

That is very interesting. I'm about five miles from another ccg that would offer us free icsi but our existing one won't offer any and want us to pay (because I have a son but my partner has no children). I wonder what the surgery near the border would say.

Hobbes8 Sun 06-Nov-16 21:39:46

I work for a CCG. There's not a clear cut answer to what services you can and can't access if you live in one CCG but register with a GP in another. Some of our services, eg physio, would reject patients from a certain postcode even if they were registered with one of our GP practices. It would depend on how the service was commissioned in the first place, and there's been so much change over the past few years that there's a whole load of historic arrangements that don't necessarily make sense, but are too time consuming or expensive to change.

Worth a try though. It might be worth ringing either the practice or the CCG.

Also, some practices have branch surgeries that span CCG borders, so you may have a GP practice near you that technically sits under a neighbouring CCG.

icy121 Sun 06-Nov-16 22:16:15

This is bad and fraudulent, but fuck it, I would lie and register yourselves under mum's address. They won't check against electoral roll - or if they do, bloody well register at her house too. The mortgage company certainly won't check.

IVF is FUCKING underfunded. Do what you can.

Hobbes8 Sun 06-Nov-16 22:38:41

Everything is fucking underfunded at the moment. But yes, do what you can. And do it quickly before the neighbouring CCGs take it away as well.

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