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Serum hidden infections results back!

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motherchuckinhen16 Wed 20-Jul-16 21:05:13

So apparently I do need to take some antibiotics after having tested negative for everything on all the NHS tests prior to IVF. Am thinking of trying Asda pharmacy tomorrow. Has anyone else used Asda for private prescriptions?

BipBippadotta Fri 22-Jul-16 12:22:34

I've not used ASDA, but got my abx through Ali's pharmacy in London - you can email them your prescription from Serum and they will post you the drugs. Penny should have their email address. Most other pharmacies need a hard copy signed prescription which takes a bit longer to arrive from Athens.

Top tip: make sure to wear high SPF sunscreen while on the antibiotics - doxycycline makes you burn really easily!

motherchuckinhen16 Fri 22-Jul-16 19:34:38

Thank you Bip you are a fountain of knowledge. I feel so gutted that the crappy NHS testing never picked up on any of this basic stuff and to be labelled unexplained is so rubbish.
Hope you are ok xx

BipBippadotta Sun 24-Jul-16 12:12:52

It is gutting. Of course, the infections may not explain everything either, but I found it helpful to know, and to feel I'd sorted out whatever issues were discovered. Really hope it goes well for you!

Elbbob Sun 24-Jul-16 22:58:41

I am just awaiting my test results so am glad to see this posted here as I was wondering how to get the meds. Sorry you have a hidden infection though motherchuck.
I actually haven't told OH I've sent off for the tests - mostly because he'll call me crazy due to the cost! Any tips on having that conversation?!

motherchuckinhen16 Mon 25-Jul-16 21:09:26

It is expensive but for us it's about looking after general long term health and solving the 'unexplained' riddle. It would be some kind of miracle if following treatment we conceived naturally, but apparently it does happen ;-)
If any positive tests the husband will need to take the antibiotics too and no booze allowed while taking them :-(

Elbbob Sat 30-Jul-16 00:47:59

So motherchuck unsurprisingly I also tested +ve for hidden infections. I told OH who was a bit shocked to hear he consequently has an infection too... He didn't ask about the cost though, phew! Did you go to Ali's to get the antibiotics?

motherchuckinhen16 Sat 30-Jul-16 11:03:41

Hi Elbbob sorry to hear that you had positive test results too, but at least now it's another issue that can be solved quickly and easily :-) yes I got mine from Ali's chemist, arriving 24 hours later so very quick once he has processed your order.

Elbbob Sun 21-Aug-16 14:59:48

I am looking for some advice Re: taking the antibiotics for hidden infections and which probiotics to take. There are so many available that I am confused. And fertility friends is making me more confused!
Can anyone tell me exactly what probiotics they took?
Also, do people re test after taking the antibiotics to see if they worked?

motherchuckinhen16 Wed 31-Aug-16 21:29:39

Elbbob we had probiotics included in the prescription we just took these. I felt slightly nauseous on the antibiotics but ok most of the time. I have asked Serum 're retesting is it necessary but not received a reply. We are hoping to try IUI in November or December of this year.

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