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Inositol for PCOS

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Staronthewall Mon 18-Jul-16 15:14:18

I used to take Inositol for PCOS and that coupled with a weight loss, meant that I no longer have PCOS.

I am continuing to take it, but just wondering if anyone knows if its safe or sensible to be taking it long term, or even if I stop taking it whether PCOS symptoms may return?

Staronthewall Mon 18-Jul-16 15:16:54

and could Inositol be bad for people with thyroid issues?

MrsLoisLane Tue 19-Jul-16 22:12:48

I take it and I've heard it's ok for long term use. Has it cured your pcos?

Staronthewall Tue 19-Jul-16 23:15:25

At this moment in time , although I can't confirm for sure if it is all down to the inositol or slight weight loss (5 or 7lbs).

I didn't ovulate for over a year, bought inositol in the February and ovulated in the March!

Staronthewall Tue 19-Jul-16 23:15:41

I took large 4gram dose every morning

MrsLoisLane Tue 19-Jul-16 23:23:56

Thats great. I dont need to lose weight im 8 stone 8lb. Im getting pissed off with all of this

Staronthewall Tue 19-Jul-16 23:26:18

Sorry I didn't mean you would need to

I was 10.5 stone, and just above average bmi, I am now just under 10 Sri e and perfect bmi. Which I didn't think would matter, and maybe didn't but I don't want to shout that inositol is amazing and wo serous when it may be different for other people

DrewOB1 Tue 19-Jul-16 23:28:15

I love my inositol, it has given me so much more energy. I am very keen on hearing about long term effect too.

MrsLoisLane Tue 19-Jul-16 23:30:14

flowers it seems good to take anyway! Xxx

coolaschmoola Wed 20-Jul-16 06:07:29

Where do you buy it please?

Staronthewall Wed 20-Jul-16 22:23:22

It's available on Amazon.
I always use swans.
It's 227gram tub with a measurer in it. One level scoop is 6 grams which is what I take.
A tub should last just over a month and costs about £13

If you google inositol for pcos the studies with patients along with placebos show excellent results in raglan ovulation, along with healthier eggs and reduction in miscarriage along with weight loss, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Staronthewall Wed 20-Jul-16 22:23:35

It also helps the mood too

danigrace Mon 25-Jul-16 16:02:59

This gives me hope - thanks OP! Your weight situation is EXACTLY the same as mine, and I just started taking inositol a few days ago so my fingers are crossed. Got mine from myprotein.

HumphreyCobblers Mon 25-Jul-16 16:11:33

what dose is recommended for PCOS? I suspect I have PCOS tendencies, I have a lot of issues that could definitely be related. I really struggle to lose weight, despite having an incredibly healthy and restrained diet.

danigrace Mon 25-Jul-16 16:34:51

I was taking 750mg 3 times a day (2.25 g a day) which is what is said on the back of the pack, but that's not the 'PCOS dose'. Based on what the ladies above have said (4g a day and 6g a day) I'm going to double my dose I reckon.

HumphreyCobblers Mon 25-Jul-16 16:53:05

Thanks so much for this thread. I have just done some research and I am really thinking this could be it.

I struggle SO much with my weight. I have extremely irregular periods (unless I am low carbing which I now cannot do due to gall stones). I have excess hair. I have had multiple miscarriages.

HumphreyCobblers Mon 25-Jul-16 17:12:57

Oh and massive water retention. Last month I put on eight pounds before my period

danigrace Tue 26-Jul-16 00:09:14

Humphrey it certainly sounds like PCOS. Hopefully the inositol will help. And you can certainly eat a protein heavy diet rather than a carb heavy diet without affecting your gallstones, just avoid unnatural fats/additives/high sugar foods. Hope things improve for you soon xx

HumphreyCobblers Tue 26-Jul-16 09:07:41

Thanks very much. The inositol arrives today!

I am just delighted I may have found an answer. I am on day 40 of my cycle this month, having stopped low carbing due to the gallstones, where it was an even 28 days. That is great advice about the high protein too smile

Sorry for the hijack OP!

danigrace Thu 28-Jul-16 13:05:27

Well I have my period for the first time since March! Not sure if it's connected to the inositol but that's been my lastest addition to my regime grin

Staronthewall Thu 28-Jul-16 15:30:55

That's great news!'

DrewOB1 Fri 29-Jul-16 10:36:28

I take 1 g now. I used to take 4 but over time the effect was inverse. I think you need to tune to your particular case.

danigrace Mon 01-Aug-16 15:01:09

Ahh thanks Drew how long did it take before that started to happen??

BorpBorpBorp Tue 02-Aug-16 16:06:16

I have PCOS and have never heard of inositol, this is really interesting. I take metformin, which restored regularity to my periods, but I have other symptoms including difficulty losing weight.

How do you take the inositol? Do you mix it into a drink or do you have to just swallow the powder?

danigrace Tue 02-Aug-16 16:34:42

Borp I have a protein smoothie in the morning that I throw a handful of spinach and the rest of my supplements in to, including the inositol. If you don't have a daily smoothie I'd just mix it into a little glass of orange juice or something.

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