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Success stories with fertility issues with both partners?

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mysteriousbat Sat 16-Jul-16 22:07:08

Hi all. Im 30, OH 27. I have a dd from a previous relationship. We have been ttc since april 2015 and found out i have pcos in dec 2015. No period since I stopped the pill last april and I assume it isn't going to return?! This week at our first fertility appointment we also found out OH has severely low sperm count and his motility was noted as 'occasional movement'. So basically I do not ovulate and he has very few swimmers and they do not swim. So all in all, a fairly negative outlook. Apparently ivf with icsi is our only hope. I am kind of torn between thinking we will do whatever we need to but also thinking oh god that is so much money and if it doesn't work how can we bear to have, I hesitate to say wasted it but that is how it will feel.
Just wondered if anyone is in the same boat or has had success in this situation? Could do with some hope tbh, feels like a hopeless situation x

Naty1 Mon 18-Jul-16 05:25:54

We had same issues, pcos and low count.
We did icsi had dd1. Then tried for dc2 but that took several goes.
It cost 10k for dc2.

mysteriousbat Mon 18-Jul-16 13:06:49

Thanks naty. That does at least offer some hope it is possible!!! Just the low success rates are quite scary....

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