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Progesterone pessaries - does anyone know anything about them making your lining 'fussy'?

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closephine85 Thu 14-Jul-16 09:58:35

My dh has a very poor sperm count and morphology. We have just had stimulated IUI and I am supposed to be starting the progesterone pessaries tomorrow (2 dpo). However, a little while ago I read on a thread that the pessaries make your lining extra fussy as to what it lets implant. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? I haven't managed to find the thread again.

I have been given the pessaries because I spot before af. The spotting starts at 13dpo (so not really a short luteal phase) and can last up to 6 days. The pessaries do eliminate this as I have used them before a few times. However, I'm worried that if it is true and they do make your lining extra fussy, my DH's sub par swimmers don't stand a chance?

Hope it makes sense what I am getting at? I'm also wondering whether I could start them at 9/10dpo when implantation would have most likely already taken place?

I tried talking to the nurse at the fertility clinic yesterday but I just left feeling like I was more knowledgeable than she was. Can anyone help? But stuck on what to do...

bananafish81 Thu 14-Jul-16 10:33:10

Progesterone makes your lining receptive, not fussy

There's a reason every IVF patient is given progesterone pessaries, because they're necessary to make the lining receptive to implantation

Many clinics give extra progesterone in the form of injections AND pessaries

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