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Anyone having IUI at the moment and want to keep me company?

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closephine85 Mon 11-Jul-16 17:03:54

I'm having my first stimulated cycle of IUI (previously had two unstimulated and unsuccessful rounds). I have been on the lowest dose of gonal-F - had a scan this morning and I have a 25mm folicle (was secretly hoping for a couple more) and 8.1mm lining. IUI is scheduled for Wednesday morning. Does anyone know if these sizes/thicknesses sound ok? We are having IUI due to male factor infertility and I'm feeling frustratingly hopeful for this round even though DHs last analysis just a few weeks ago was really poor. I'm sort of hoping that if we can boost my system that might be enough.

Does anyone want to join me and we can try and keep each other sane during the next few weeks?

maplebaby Mon 11-Jul-16 18:29:42

Hi closephine me!! Well, when AF shows her face in 2 weeks, I'll be on clomid. I'm actually on another thread over on conception called "anyone done or doing clomid/ovidrel/IUI". There is a small group of us having IUI / timed intercourse.

I'm on cycle 17 and in the unexplained infertility camp. 25mm follie and 8.1mm lining sounds good to me! I'm actually a bit worried about my lining as it was "thin" on CD13 and my periods are SO light since coming off the pill! Also I can spot up to 8 days before AF starts.

Snowdog37 Tue 12-Jul-16 18:25:55

Hi! Definitely come join us! I've just had IUI #2 and found out today it was unsuccessful so on to cycle 3. I'm on Clomid 100mg days 3-7 and ovidrel trigger 36hrs before the IUI. It's not too bad I guess, just emotionally tiring.

snowy1982 Thu 28-Jul-16 09:04:19

Hi, hope you guys are still active on here. I am about to embark on 3 cycles of natural IUI (DH has some 'finishing' issues and we had been trying DIY IUI but doc thinks we aren't 'hitting the mark' often enough). Going to be starting next cycle, just narrowly missed it this cycle, and I am very anxious.

We have been TTC #1 and are on cycle 21. All test results so far are good, mine all perfectly within range and DH, although slightly on the low end of the scale, is still within range.

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