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First Gynecologist appointment

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westlife911 Fri 08-Jul-16 11:20:30

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm in need of some advice or just someone to talk to and to listen to me. I'm not one to talk about my problems or feelings very well, so I apologize if this all sounds a bit garbled

I guess I'd better start from the beginning. I have been with my husband for nearly 12 years and been married for nearly 2 years. We have never used any contraceptives since we've been together and yet we can't seem to fall pregnant. Well we did fall pregnant 8 years ago and lost the baby in the very early stages, as it was an incomplete miscarriage we had to go back to the hospital every 2 weeks until it was all over, during one of the appointments when I had an internal ultrasound scan and there was a cyst on my left ovary but the next time I went back to the hospital again the cyst had disappeared.

Well since then we haven't been able to conceive. and finally about 6 months ago I went to see my GP who sent me for blood tests and a vaginal swab and an ultrasound. Well all my tests came back fine except my blood tests which showed my testosterone levels are slightly low and the GP also sent my husband for a semen analysis which after a few false starts we finally managed to sort that out and he's sperm count came back a bit low as well. Also I saw the GP because I can't have sex as as soon a my husband tried to enter me it hurts.

And now we have been referred to a gynecologist for infertility and my husband has also been referred to a Urologist, well my first gynecologist appointment is in 2 weeks and I don't know what will happen or what the will ask.

mistletoeprickles Fri 08-Jul-16 13:23:32

Definately make sure you take your husband with you for support.
I knew what was causing my infertility so I'm slightly different.
They may run more scan and bloods and possibly check your tubes but that will a prearranged appointment.
They will ask about your cycles, how regular your DTD. They also have a lot of focus on weight and healthy diet.
Overall the first appointment is ok.
Best of luck

westlife911 Fri 08-Jul-16 14:01:48


Thanks for the reply, I'm sorry but I don't know all the shortcut names so what is DTD?

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 08-Jul-16 21:37:02

The first appointment is often a question and answer session. I would concur that both of you need to attend this initial appointment, such can bring the couple considerable nerves and moral support is vitally important.

Write down anything you want to ask well ahead of time and take notes during the appointment. You do not want to leave there thinking, "oh I should have asked about xyz".

They will ask you about your medical histories and your gynaecological history to date including any previous pregnancies. They should at this time arrange for you both to have more tests done (a single semen analysis is by no means conclusive). I would ensure as much as possible that you fully understand why such tests are being done. do not be afraid to ask them. You should be tested in tandem as a couple, its no point in solely testing you alone without he being further tested.

I wish you both the very best of luck, it is vitally important that you and the medical staff can work as a team. Continuity of care is also vitally important.

You will need to be persistent in order to get answers; do not forget that either.

lilybunch Sat 09-Jul-16 14:50:09

As the others have said, the first appointment is all about questions, I was surprised not to be examined. The only thing I'd add to the above is to make sure you have details of your menstrual cycles, i.e. how regular you are, how long your periods last etc. And if you've been TTC for a while, you might have been charting which can show if you're ovulating or not so take those details along.
Definitely a good idea to write down all your questions in advance as well!
Good luck!

westlife911 Mon 25-Jul-16 10:48:44

Hi, Just an update. I've had my first gyne appointment it wasn't as bad as I expected lol, apart from the internal examination I had to have. I've had to have more blood tests done and I need to book an appointment for a scan on my tubes and need more bloods done in 2 weeks sad.

My husband has his urologist appointment next week though and I was wondering if anyone has seen a urogist before and can tell me what he can expect from tat appointment as he is a nervous wreck atm and keep trying to get me to cancel the appointment (but I won't).

Thanks for listening (or reading in this case smile)

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