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Abandon ivf cycle or switch to iui

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skat1 Tue 05-Jul-16 19:00:51

Had my 2nd scan after 10 days on menopur yesterday and seems I haven't responded to the jabs at all, only one smallish follicle on the right ovary. Consultant said it wasn't worth continuing with the cycle and maybe should consider iui, obviously I am really disappointed.

I'm 40 and using donor sperm so not sure if the iui is a good option or if just starting again on the short protocol would be better? This is my first time so I'm new to the whole procedure and not sure what will be best. Obviously I want to give myself the best chance.

Has anyone else experienced this and can give me any advice or good news stories to keep me going? It would be greatly appreciated as an feeling pretty down about it at mo! 😞

johendy Tue 05-Jul-16 19:04:54

Hi Skat. I can't help with your question but wanted to say that you might find the UK fertility friends website helpful right now. That's where I got the best advice when doing ivf. All the best.

SesameSparkle Tue 05-Jul-16 23:50:27

Hiya, pregnancies can result from ivf with one follicle - one follicle, one egg, one baby.... But they are very rare. Successful cycles after conversion to iui are even rarer. I think you need to weigh up advice from consultant on chances of success with either ivf vs iui, together with costs of going ahead with either vs abandoning and starting afresh. You also need advice on whether you may get more follicles with a different protocol - this might depend on your ovarian reserve. Sorry this isn't the most encouraging response, but best of luck with whatever you decide.

skat1 Wed 06-Jul-16 10:45:26

thanks johendy, I have signed up for fertility friends but they take a while to accept you on the site so thought would post here too.

sesamesparkle, that's what I thought, it only takes one but the chances are slim. I will see what they say tomorrow when I go back. Its very disappointing as I had 5 follicles showing mid cycle on a normal cycle just before I started treatment (I know that's not great but I am 40 so wasn't expecting loads). So I don't understand why I then only had one after taking the menopur, so disappointing. I guess I will find out more tomorrow. Thanks for your responses x

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